How Long Does YouTube Take to Process a Video? 

Is YouTube’s video processing taking forever? Are you wondering how long it usually takes for YouTube to process a video you uploaded? The typical processing time for YouTube videos depends on the resolution, framerate, length, and format of a video. This means that a 1080p video will probably finish processing within a couple of minutes, … Read more

How to Record a Voice-Over For YouTube Videos

A good voice-over is integral to your video’s success on YouTube. No matter how cool your video is, a lousy voice-over, or poor quality audio, will reflect negatively on your work. For that reason, we will show you how to record a voice-over for Youtube videos–professionally in 5 steps. Decide How To Record Your YouTube … Read more

What is the YouTube Loudness Standard for 2022

Does your audio get distorted when you upload a video to YouTube? Or maybe your videos are too quiet when played? This concerns the YouTube loudness standard and how sound gets normalized on their platform.  All of this audio talk can quickly get confusing, though. But don’t worry. We cover what the YouTube loudness standard … Read more

How To Start A Youtube Gaming Channel

YouTube is one of the largest hosts of video content on the internet. Whether you want to share your travels with the world or struggle through a difficult game, YouTube helps you share this with internet users. Gaming channels make up a considerable percentage of live streams on the platform. When considering how to start … Read more

7 Cool YouTube Features to Explore

YouTube hosts a ton of interesting videos that leave behind knowledge, information, entertainment, and much more.  Though many of us might be visiting this site every day, there are features on YouTube that most of us don’t know exist. How many of you are aware of the Virtual Reality settings in YouTube that allow you … Read more

What do Most YouTubers Use to Edit Their Videos

YouTube is a very competitive space, and channels always need to find new ways to stand out. Editing and production value are therefore essential. Many are looking to the biggest YouTubers to see what they use to edit their videos. After all, how can we learn and create something if we don’t look to the … Read more

Why Is My YouTube Live Stream Not Working

There can be nothing worse than sitting down, being ready to stream to an audience who are waiting for you, and seeing the dreaded message, ‘stream connection failed.’ It can ruin the scheduled streams of both new and seasoned streamers on YouTube. There are many reasons why your YouTube live stream is not working, ranging … Read more

Add Light Leak Overlays to Youtube Videos

Are you looking to give some life to your YouTube videos? If yes, then try incorporating light leak overlays in your video editing. Light leak overlays are highly versatile, drag-and-drop components that can make a massive difference to video posts. As is suggested by its name, a light leak is diffused lighting leaking from the … Read more

How To Get Youtube Sponsors

Over the past 5 years, YouTube has progressed from ‘casual hobby’ to ‘small side gig’ for many. It started as a directory for short, funny videos and has grown into an entire library of educational resources, entertainment, and more. With that growth has come the ability to monetize content and attract advertisers from all over … Read more