20 Key Film & TV Crew Roles Explained

Overview of Key Roles on a Film Production Crew

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the various roles involved in medium-scale TV or feature film productions. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a film student, or someone interested in exploring the world of cinema, this article is designed to illuminate the diverse and intricate jobs that come together to create the magic of movies.

The 8 Best Voice Acting Courses Online

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Top 6 Short Films to Study

Short films are an interesting phenomenon. While most are an intro to filmmaking for many students and budding directors. Shorts are some of the most innovative works of art existing within film. Of course, thanks to filmmakers like the Lumiere’s brothers and George Melies, cinema was born from shorts. Short films are essentially cinema in … Read more

How to Direct Actors: 5 Tips on Directing

How do you, direct actors? It’s a commonly asked question and rightly so. The relationship between director and actor is the most integral to any production. Working with actors is a challenge you must tackle on set but this guide should provide enough tips to set you on your way Be Clear in Your Directions … Read more