Dr Disrespect Streaming Setup

You would be hard stretched to find a larger gaming streamer than Dr Disrespect. With his original combination of high-end gaming and cocky alter ego he has built himself an incredibly successful profile.  To mirror the technical specs of the Doctor, you’re going to need thousands of dollars. Wrong! The Dr Disrespect setup is actually … Read more

Pokimane Streaming Setup

It’s a common misconception that large, full-time streamers own equipment that most casuals could only dream of owning due to their meteoric price tag. Nowadays there are so many competitive yet cheaper models that mainstream streamers are happy to pick up and use. Read on below to find out more about Pokimane’s very reasonable streaming … Read more

Ludwig Streaming Setup

Looking for more information on the Ludwig 2021 streaming setup? Look no further; we’ll break down each piece of hardware that Ludwig uses in his setup and cheaper alternatives for the everyday streamer. Ludwig made his name as a competitive Super Smash Bros player and built his streaming career around Smash Bros, Mario Party, and … Read more

Shroud Streaming Setup

Looking for a breakdown of the Shroud 2021 streaming setup with affordable alternatives? You’re in the right place. Shroud (Michael Grzesiek), has quickly become a streaming phenomenon with his high-quality competitive gameplay in games such as CSGO, PUBG, and Valorant. Over the past 7 years, he has amassed over 16 followers across Twitch and YouTube … Read more

Ninja Streaming Setup

Having found fame streaming Fortnite during its peak popularity, Ninja (https://www.twitch.tv/ninja) has become a household name in the streaming community. He made a move into competitive gaming and stream entertainment and never looked back, having amassed 24 million followers and over 2 billion views on YouTube alone.  To be able to maintain high-quality content, Tyler … Read more