Top 9 Color Grading Courses Online

Grading is often the last part of post-production in a film and gives it a final look and feel. Working with color requires a unique skillset combining practical and creative approaches. If you want to learn color grading or gain a better understanding as a video creator, cinematographer, or director, this article is for you. … Read more

How To Setup A Ring Light

Achieving the perfect lighting for your camera, be it a DSLR or a webcam, can be a tough task. There are multiple different factors that can influence how good or bad your video capture footage will look to your viewers. One fix for this is setting up a permanent and consistent light source to light … Read more

How to Setup Three Point Lighting

Understanding lighting is essential to be a successful cinematographer. And there is one standard film lighting setup, known as a three-point lighting system, that is the groundwork for everything else.  If you understand the mechanics of how this setup works, you know how to light a scene. Therefore, it is imperative knowledge for every filmmaker to possess. … Read more

Understand your Camera – An In-Depth Guide

Understanding your camera and its features can help you make better videos. To get the most out of any camera, you need to understand its essential features and functions. Our guide dives deep into this subject so you can become an expert with a bit of practice. Resolution and Compression Resolution Resolution refers to the … Read more