Getting Noticed on TikTok

Getting Noticed on TikTok

Within this guide, we crack open TikTok’s case to gaze upon the platform’s inner workings, to help provide you with an understanding of how its algorithm works, and how to improve your chances of cutting through and carving out a powerful niche on the platform.

How to Connect Discord to Steam

Discord and Steam are both massive in the gaming community, so it’s only natural that you want to integrate these two. Indeed, you can connect Discord to your Steam account and display what games you are currently playing on your profile. While simple, this is a nice feature for coordinating gaming with friends and keeping … Read more

What Does Nuking a Discord Server Mean

If you have been around Discord or gaming communities for a while, you might have heard the term ‘Discord Nuking.’ But what does nuking a Discord server mean? And what should you do if your server gets nuked? We will answer all of these questions below and a lot more! What is Discord Nuking? In simple terms, ‘Discord nuking’ … Read more

How To Create A Successful Discord Server

Discord is a handy tool for content creators and companies alike. Knowing how to create a successful Discord server could be game-changing in your project’s marketing strategies. Creating a successful server on Discord is not just about clicking a few buttons. It’s about creating a buzz and an atmosphere in your server and turning it … Read more

The Best Discord Fonts and How To Use Them

Discord is a revolutionary forum application that has changed the way creators interact with their communities. Within it, users can text, voice, and video chat with other like-minded fans. One key feature that seems to be missing from the standard installation, is Discord fonts. Users often find themselves wondering where are the best Discord fonts … Read more

How To Stream To Discord With OBS Studio

The days are gone when there were only one or two streaming platforms. Creators now have a large choice of platforms to broadcast their content on. Not only are there obvious choices such as YouTube and Twitch, but there are now forum-based applications such as Discord coming to the forefront of streaming. Knowing how to … Read more

What Is Discord ID And How to Find It?

Discord users are often aware of their usernames but have no idea that their Discord ID exists. It’s a helpful piece of information to know and opens up a few developmental doors for server creators. The question is, what is Discord ID and how to find it? We’ll help you answer both of these questions … Read more

How To Transfer Discord Ownership

Discord has been growing as a social media platform for many years now. Servers come and go, and sometimes people want to pass on their server to another user. To do this, you need to know how to transfer Discord ownership. The process to transfer ownership is simple, but there are a few essential things … Read more