20 Key Film & TV Crew Roles Explained

Overview of Key Roles on a Film Production Crew

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the various roles involved in medium-scale TV or feature film productions. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a film student, or someone interested in exploring the world of cinema, this article is designed to illuminate the diverse and intricate jobs that come together to create the magic of movies.

Getting Noticed on TikTok

Getting Noticed on TikTok

Within this guide, we crack open TikTok’s case to gaze upon the platform’s inner workings, to help provide you with an understanding of how its algorithm works, and how to improve your chances of cutting through and carving out a powerful niche on the platform.

PowerVision: A New Player in the Drone Market

When someone mentions drones, DJI is probably the first brand that comes to mind. But there are many drone makers out there that bring unique ideas and inventiveness to this market that have yet to be discovered. One of them is PowerVision, who has allowed us to review some of their products and, through our … Read more

PowerEgg X Review: The All-Weather Drone!

Over the last few years, the drone market has exploded with unique ideas and new inventiveness. It might then be worth looking beyond the traditional manufacturers when shopping for a drone.  After we collaborated on the S1 stabilizer, PowerVision contacted us about their drone series. They kindly provided us with their flagship drone, the PowerEgg … Read more

How to Remove Wind Noise in Premiere

Wind noise in your audio track can feel devastating. Even so, many times, it is salvageable.  This article will show three methods to remove wind noise using Premiere, including Audacity and Adobe Audition. Method 1: Removing wind noise using the HighPass filter in Premiere Method 2: Using Premiere with Adobe Audition or Audacity. Method 3: … Read more

Top 9 Color Grading Courses Online

Grading is often the last part of post-production in a film and gives it a final look and feel. Working with color requires a unique skillset combining practical and creative approaches. If you want to learn color grading or gain a better understanding as a video creator, cinematographer, or director, this article is for you. … Read more