The 8 Best Voice Acting Courses Online

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Audio vs. Video Podcast: Which One to Start?

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Pop Filter vs. Foam Cover for Your Mic

In the world of audio recording, every little detail makes a big difference; Whether you’re using a condenser or a dynamic microphone, or a pop filter vs. a foam cover for your mic. Pop filters and foam covers for your mic are two accessories that improve audio quality. But they are used for slightly different … Read more

How to Export an Mp3 in Audacity

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Condenser vs. Dynamic Microphone for Podcasting

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How to Make Your Blue Yeti Sound Better

The Blue yeti USB microphone is great for recording, streaming, and whatnot, but for beginners, it can be difficult to capture good sound sometimes. Recordings might end up sounding “muddy,” and the bass sounds too deep. This problem can be fixed, and we will give you a complete tutorial on how to make your Blue … Read more

What Is a Podcast: An Intro to Podcasting

The ability to personalize what you listen to is a convenience that has only become available in recent years. Listening to the radio used to be the go-to audio distraction for car rides or quiet times, but now you can find personalized podcasts on just about any topic.  It can be a bit intimidating trying … Read more

How to Promote Your Podcast

So you are done recording, editing, and creating your podcast from scratch, you have a great idea and think you are on to something. But as you soon will realize, you have to learn how to promote your podcast to grow a listenership. Podcast promotion is as important as creating the episodes themselves. No matter … Read more

57 Creative Podcast Ideas to Get You Started

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