20 Key Film & TV Crew Roles Explained

Overview of Key Roles on a Film Production Crew

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the various roles involved in medium-scale TV or feature film productions. Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, a film student, or someone interested in exploring the world of cinema, this article is designed to illuminate the diverse and intricate jobs that come together to create the magic of movies.

How to Write a Pitch Deck

So you want to make a movie, huh? Then you might want to learn how to write a pitch deck presentation. Perhaps you have a masterpiece of a script with an incredibly unique premise that you have dedicated countless hours on rewrites? Or you run a production company and look for potential investors to help you … Read more

How to Come Up With a Movie Title

A movie title is important. Very important. Not only can a film’s title encapsulate all its ideas, but it can also help with marketing. A film’s title can entice, inform and engage the public before they’ve even watched the movie. I think most people understood what Jaws was about when they first saw the poster and title.   … Read more

How to Create a Storyboard: A Complete Guide

Whether you are working on a 30-seconds commercial or a 2-hour-long feature film, previsualization of how your final work is going to look is an integral part of pre-production. The most common and effective way to sequence and visually break down your scenes is known as storyboarding.  In this article, we are going to provide … Read more

How do Film Investors Make Money?

Film investment is murky territory for filmmakers. There’s a lot of Hollywood accounting, favors, and begging involved. In terms of risk and reward, investing in film isn’t the smartest endeavor because of its extremely high risk. Unfortunately, financial rewards aren’t always forthcoming either. So one might ask; How do film investors actually make money? In this … Read more

5 Ways to Fund Your First Feature Film

While making films is indeed great fun, certain hardships come with the process. Arguably, the hardest aspect of making a film is finding ways to fund it; especially if you are a first-time filmmaker.  The film industry has become a financial enterprise with the potential to generate multi-million dollar profits. Successful filmmakers, find ways to … Read more