How To Setup Streamlabs For Twitch

Streamlabs OBS is the current choice for most streamers to transfer their live video data from their system to an online platform. It enables creators to design and edit their live feeds before publishing them for the world to see. Twitch has a similar hold of the live stream platform market. Its interactivity and ease … Read more

How To Fix Dropped Frames In Streamlabs OBS

Dropping frames has been the bane of the streamer since day one. Nothing is worse than starting your stream and seeing that red exclamation mark in the bottom left-hand corner of Streamlabs.  Luckily though, there are a fair few ways to troubleshoot your dropping frames which should resolve 99% of your problems. Read on below … Read more

Best Audio Filters for Streamlabs OBS

Streamers always look for a leg up on the competition by adding complex overlays and plugins to their streams. Still, it’s super important to have the basics together first, like high-quality stream audio. As a streamer, there are many ways to capture your audience’s attention and excite them about your content. A good microphone and … Read more

Best Streamlabs OBS Audio Tips & Settings

It seems crazy, but it’s true. You could have 4K quality streams with a bazillion FPS and visual effects flying all over the place. Still, the simple truth is if your audio sounds like you’re recording with a potato, nobody is going to watch!  Recent research suggests that audio quality matters more to viewers than … Read more

How to Fix Streamlabs OBS Lag

With Streamlabs OBS, it’s all about the viewer experience, and the biggest headache is usually lag, frame drops, and you guessed it … more lag! Fear not though, there are plenty of ways to combat glitchy streams. We have compiled 7 ways to fix Streamlabs OBS lag:  Optimize Your Internet Speeds Check Your PC Specifications … Read more

Streamlabs OBS vs OBS Studio

This article is a deepdive comparison of Streamlabs OBS vs OBS Studio. If you know a bit about streaming, chances are you are familiar with these two common broadcasting software. Both are free, and are widely used by streamers on Twitch, Youtube and Facebook Live, but there are some key differences in each to consider. In … Read more