Is Twitch Just For Gamers?

It is no secret that Twitch has mainly been dominated by gaming content with famous streamers like ‘loltyler1’ or Shroud. So it might be fair to ask, is Twitch just for gamers? The answer: No, Twitch is not just for gamers. The last couple of years has seen an enormous rise of many popular channels … Read more

How to Add a GIF to Twitch Alerts

When viewers interact with your stream, they normally like to see some recognition from the streamer or stream itself. This could be in the form of a spoken reply or automated alert. Alertbox’s helps streamers set up automated alerts that show on screen and recognize certain interactions from their fans. Most commonly, a gif will … Read more

How to Live Stream a Church Service

After 2020, many churches had to find new solutions to reach out to their congregations. This was when live streaming church services started taking off, and by the looks of it, it will be a continuing trend in the future. Worship-service live streaming is an excellent alternative for people who can’t attend because of sickness, … Read more

Twitch Streaming From Phone: Ultimate Guide

Streaming is now available on most modern technology, whether it’s watching from your console’s in-built browser software or streaming from your iPad via a computer. It has taken the world by storm and has recently been named the most-watched form of media in the world.  With exponential growth comes a wealth of people looking to … Read more

Top 16 Gifts For Twitch Streamers

Whether it’s a big birthday, Christmas, or just an excuse to buy a friend a present, high-quality gifts for tech fanatics can be hard to pick. With such an extensive list of useless gadgets to choose from online, it’s hard to know what actually functions well and will be of use to the person you’re … Read more

Twitch Streaming PC Requirements

Over the past few years, streaming has become a mainstream form of video entertainment. Gone are the days when it was looked down upon by the film and tv industry, and it now sits on a par with and it’s now considered a serious competitor on the market.  With increased interest comes increased participation, and … Read more

Set Up Discord for Twitch Streaming

Twitch Streamers are forever looking for ways to make their community stand head and shoulders above their competition’s. With the sheer amount of streamers on the platform these days, it is essential to have a unique selling point to help your content appear original and exciting. Setting up Discord for twitch streaming can help you … Read more

How to Get a Better Twitch Broadband Connection

For any Twitch streamer, stuttering or completely failed broadcast is a nightmare. It doesn’t take long for a hard-won audience to switch away from their channel. The competition is huge, so the chances are that once someone clicks away, they will quickly find something else to watch and never come back. For that reason, broadcasters … Read more

Where to Find Non Copyright Music For Twitch

In these peak years of Twitch streaming, there are bound to be plenty of rules regarding what you can and cannot do on the platform. For the first few years of its inception, playing any music during streams was fair game and didn’t result in any issues. However, copyright has come into play massively nowadays, … Read more