How To Edit A Gameplay Video

Gameplay videos are all the rage on video platforms at the moment. People don’t just love playing games. They love watching others play them too. Knowing how to edit a gameplay video could help you set your videos apart from the thousands of other online creators. Creating a popular gameplay video isn’t as simple as … Read more

How to Fix Premiere Pro Encoding Stuck at 0%

Premiere Pro is a fantastic piece of editing software, but it’s not perfect. Among common issues when exporting in Premiere Pro is when encoding gets stuck at 0%. This makes it impossible for you to export your project. Sometimes, you will even be unable to cancel the encoding, forcing you to shut down Premiere through … Read more

Premiere Pro Keyframes Tutorial

Keyframes within Premiere Pro allow you to change the value of an effect or property over time. This means you can create motion, zoom in or out, change the opacity, tint, or other properties of an image. It applies to every audio effect as well. This function is one of the fundamental editing features in … Read more

How To Export In Premiere Pro

Once you’re all done editing your project, there is one final step in your journey to owning the physical file; Export the video file in Premiere Pro. When you open the export menu for the first time, it can be INCREDIBLY overwhelming! There are hundreds if not thousands of different settings combinations that you can … Read more

How to Sync Audio & Video in Premiere Pro

To capture great audio, it is often necessary to record the sound separately from your video. Inbuilt camera mics usually have terrible quality.  That means that you have to synchronize audio and video later in post-production. We will show you how to do precisely that in the most popular video editor, Premiere Pro.  There are … Read more

9 Premiere Pro Beginner Tips & Tricks

The first time you open Premiere Pro, you will notice just how many unique features it has. You can do almost anything your creativity allows for, but this comes with a downside. Premiere has a steep learning curve, and for beginners just starting, it is easy to get overwhelmed. So we have compiled 9 Premiere … Read more