Best Twitch Chat Commands for Mods

A huge part of the Twitch experience is the live chat. There, viewers can interact with the streamer as well as other viewers. But without moderation, a chat can quickly turn sour. This is why learning the twitch chat commands for mods is so important.

Twitch commands are used by streamers and chat moderators to monitor and control the chat. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best Twitch chat commands for mods and broadcasters. We hope you enjoy!

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What are Twitch Moderators?

When a channel gets big enough, trolling, spam, and busy chats are inevitable. This is why you sooner or later need moderators to help out.

Mods keep a chat organized and enforce rules and standards set by the streamer. A mod’s most powerful tool is the mod chat commands. 

To make a user a moderator use this command: /mod [Username]

To un-mod a user, use: /unmod [Username]

How to Use Twitch Commands?

Using twitch commands is actually very simple. You simply write the command in the chatbox and hit enter.

Best Twitch Commands for Mods

Below is a list of useful Twitch chat commands for mods. They are in no particular order of importance. If you are a moderator, you should at least learn most of these.

1. Activate the anti-spam 

Formerly also known as the R9KBETA command, this feature prevents users or bots from spamming your chat. This command prevents repetitive text form being sent through the chatbox over and over again.



2. Turn off the anti-spam

This is the command to use to turn off the anti-spam feature on your chat.



3. Timeout Command

The handy mod command where you time a user out temporarily for a specific amount of time. By default, it will ban a user for 10 minutes. However, you can adjust the time if you like.

The timeout command can be thought of as the lowest form of punishment for someone acting out on chat.


/timeout [Username] {Seconds}

CommandTime Frame
/timeout [Username] 90015min
/timeout [Username] 180030min
/timeout [Username] 36001h
/timeout [Username] 108003h
/timeout [Username] 216006h
/timeout [Username] 4320012h
/timeout [Username] 864001 day
/timeout [Username] 2592003 days
/timeout [Username] 6048001 week
/timeout [Username] 12096002 weeks
/timeout [Username] 24192004 weeks
/timeout [Username] 725760012 weeks

4. Ban a User

The ban command blacklists a user and prevents him/her from taking any part in your stream. To undo a ban, you will have to use the un-ban command.


 /ban [Username]

5. Un-ban a User

This probably does not need an explanation, but if you have a banned user, and you want to reverse that, you use the unban command.


/unban [Username]

6. Slow Chat

The slow command allows the moderator to set a time limit on the users to slow down frequent messaging. The slow chatis especially helpful in a very active live chat where you feel you have to slow things down. You can also set how many seconds the time limit for users is.




/slow {Seconds}

7. Un-Slow Chat

To disable a slow chat, you simply use the slowoff command.



8. Emote Only Chat

The emote only command limits users so that they can only communicate with emotes. This command can be useful when somebody is trying to spoil your stream, or people are misbehaving in chat. If you want to learn more about Twitch emotes, check our Twitch Emotes Guide.



9. Turn Off Emote Only Chat

Disable the emoteonly chat with the emoteonlyoff command.



10. Clear Chat

Use this command when you want to clear the entire chat. It can be handy if people are sharing bad links or make offensive statements.



11. Show User Info

This command allows broadcasters and moderators to view a user’s details. There you can see things about a specific user like ban history, profile history, and more.


/user [username]

12. Only Subscribers Chat

The subscriber’s Twitch mod command allows only subscribers to use the chat.



13. Turn Off Only Subscribers Chat

To disable subscribers only stream, you use the subscribersoff command.



14. Followers Only Chat

The follower’s only command makes sure that people must follow the channel to chat.



15. Only Allow Specific Followers in the Chat

Maybe you only want certain followers to enter your chat room. This command is useful when you want to only allow followers to join the chat room if they have followed the channel for a specific amount of time. This can be helpful when dealing with trolls or spammers.

You can set the time in minutes, hours, days or weeks.


/followers {Minutes/Hours/Days/Weeks}

16. Turn Off Followers Only Chat

Followers mode can be disabled with the followersoff command.



Best Twitch Commands for Broadcasters

There are specific commands for broadcasters as well. Here is a list of the most useful ones:

17. Set a Marker

The marker command creates a timestamp when you execute it. You can add short descriptions to your timestamp.

This is a great tool if you want to make a clip of a stream highlight or something similar.


/Marker [Description]

18. Run a Commercial

A twitch command only available to partners where you can take a break from streaming by putting a commercial break in between. The /commercial command will, by default, run a commercial for 30 seconds. But you can add other timeframes as well if you like.



/commercial 601min
/commercial 901min 30sec
/commercial 1202min
/commercial 1502min 30sec
/commercial 1803min

19. Raid a Channel

The raid command sends the viewers to another live stream. 


/raid [Username]

20. Un-raid

To cancel a channel raid, simply use this command.



21. Host Another Channel

The host command enables you to host another channel on yours. You are limited to 3 host commands per hour.


/host [Username]

22. Un-Host

To stop hosting another channel, simply use the un-host command.



In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best Twitch chat commands for mods and broadcasters. By now, you should know more than enough chat commands to become an effective chat mod on Twitch. Just remember to use your powers for good. Being a Twitch moderator is a lot of responsibility.