100 Youtube Challenge Ideas

Don’t know what your next youtube video is going to be? Why not do a youtube challenge! They are often hilarious and fun to make, and there are hundreds of youtube challenge ideas to choose from.

Doing challenges is a way many YouTubers have grown their channels. They are short videos that people tend to click on and have a high chance of going viral.

If you are not sure what video to do next, we have compiled a list of the best 100 youtube challenge ideas for you to try. They are in no particular order and vary in difficulty. We have categorized the challenges in the following sections:

General YouTube Challenge Ideas

#1 – Opposite Hand Drawing Challenge 

The opposite hand drawing challenge is pretty self-explanatory. Drawing with your less dominant hand is really hard and can lead to some funny accidents. 

#2 – Cinnamon Challenge

We have all heard of the cinnamon challenge. The goal is to eat a spoonful of cinnamon and record the reaction. 

While it is a viral challenge, it can also be dangerous, especially if you have asthma or breathing difficulties. That is why we encourage you to try a different challenge instead.

#3 – Say Anything Challenge

This challenge requires several players (at least two). You simply go around the group, and each player has to say a word. 

The rules are that you can never say the same word twice, and you are not allowed to pause for even a second when it’s your turn. It gets very hard with a lot of people.

#4 – Wet Head Challenge

Get together with some friends and play the wet headboard game. It’s a crazy, fun roulette game for both kids and adults.

#5 – Condom Challenge

Another classic, The Condom Challenge, is were someone fills a condom with water and tops it over your head. 

#6 – Toilet Paper Fort Challenge

The objective of this challenge is for each player to build a fort with toilet paper rolls. Then you can compare the builds on hight, best design, and stability.

#7 – No Thumbs Challenge

In this challenge, you have to complete tasks without using your thumb. It is a lot harder than you think.

#8 – Makeup Contouring Challenge

If you are good with makeup, this challenge is for you. The makeup contouring challenge has you create an optical illusion with makeup on yourself or someone else. You can make someone have a sixpack, look older, or anything your heart desires.

#9 – Blind Sculpting Challenge

Can you sculpt something with a blindfold on? Try it out with the blind sculpting challenge.

#10 – Bloody Mary Challenge

This infamous challenge is one we probably did as kids. The goal is to stand in front of a mirror and call the Bloody Mary.

#11 – Diet Coke and Mentos Challenge

This challenge is an old classic that has been on the internet for a long time. It probably does not need to be explained, but you simply put mentos in a diet coke bottle and record.

#12 – Helium Challenge

The helium challenge is pretty self-explanatory; You take in a few breaths of helium to make your voice sound squeaky.

Be careful if you are going to do this challenge as it can be dangerous. You do not want to hurt yourself. Only take in a few breaths of helium and do your research before attempting it. 

#13 – Roast Yourself Challenge

The roast yourself challenge is a fun video you can do yourself as well with friends and family.

#14 – Yoga Challenge

The yoga challenge involves attempting to do difficult yoga poses. This can result in a very funny video, especially if you are a beginner at yoga.

#15 – YouTubers Impressions Challenge

Try to make impressions of famous YouTubers.

#16 – Not My Arms Challenge

To do this challenge, tie your own hands behind your back and have someone else use their arms and pretend they are yours. Try doing everyday tasks. A similar challenge is the “Not My legs Challenge.”

#17 – Tongue Twister Challenge 

Tounge twisters are phrases that are hard to say. They are fun to do and can also help you with pronunciation. 

#18 – Ice Bath Challenge

As the name suggests, you have to take a bath in ice-cold water. You can simply fill your bathtub with ice cubes.

#19 – Speech Jammer Challenge 

Try to speak normally while using a speech jammer.

#20 – Internet Slang Challenge

This is a competition where the players have to guess the right meaning of internet slang words. The person who gets the most right wins.

#21 – Chapstick Challenge

This challenge has you put chapstick on while the other person kisses you blindfolded to try to guess the flavor.

#22 – Emoji Challenge

In this challenge, you only get to communicate through emojis for an entire day.

#23 – Lego Challenge

Each participant has to build something out of legos in a minute or two. The best build wins.

#24 – Chubby Bunny Challenge

Another classic challenge; The goal is to put marshmallows or chubby bunnies in your mouth while you try to say “Chubby Bunny.”

If you succeed, you have to add another chubby bunny or marshmallow in your mouth each time to make it progressively harder.

#25 – Whisper Challenge

In this challenge, one person wears earplugs or noise-canceling headphones, while the other person says a sentence. You have to tell what the person said by just lip reading.

#26 – Backward Speech Challenge

Try to speak backward for an hour. It can be a fun challenge video!

#27 – Google Yourself Challenge

Try googling yourself and see what comes up.

#28 – 100 layers Challenge

The idea is to put 100 layers of something on you. It could be clothes, cosmetic products, or anything else.

#29 – FaceTune Challenge 

This is a popular challenge where you use the FaceTune app to adjust your selfies in fun and weird ways.

#30 – Charlie Charlie Challenge

Similar to the Bloody Mary challenge, the goal is to summon a spirit. You ask, “Charlie, Charlie, can we play?” while balancing a pencil on top of another on a paper that is divided into four quadrants. The pencil is supposed to move, giving you answers.

#31 – Cross Bar Challenge

This is a challenge for all soccer fans out there. The goal is to hit the crossbar instead of scoring a goal. It will take precision and focus to pull it off.

#32 – ASMR Challenge 

ASMR videos have grown enormously in popularity. Try making one as a challenge for your next video.

#33 – The Pause Challenge

You need at least two people to do this challenge. Taking turns, you each get to pause the other person for one minute while doing a task.

#34 – Water Bottle Flip Challenge

This challenge needs no introduction, as you probably have seen it many times before. The idea is to throw a bottle in the air and make it flip and land vertically.

#35 – Try Not To Cringe Challenge

Put on a cringe compilation on youtube and see if you can watch it without making any faces. 

#36 – Exploding Watermelon Challenge

In this challenge, you buy a watermelon and a bunch of elastic bands. Wrap each elastic band on the watermelon, building up more and more pressure. Eventually, the watermelon will explode, so try doing it outdoors.

#37 – Not My Legs Challenge

Similar to the “Not My Hands Challenge,” you have to tie your legs and have someone else pretend their legs are your own. This will make for an awkward but hilarious video.

#38 – Blind Drawing Challenge

The goal here is to draw something blindfolded and show the result (which often is hilarious). You can do it by yourself as well as with other people.

#39 – Try Not To Cry Challenge

Put on a touching video and see if you can hold back your tears. This is easier for some than others.

#40 – 100 Pieces of Gum Challenge

You start off by chewing a piece of gum, then start adding more and more gum in your mount to see how much you can manage to chew at the same time.

#41 – Accent Challenge

Doing accents can be really funny, even if you fail at it. It makes for a great challenge video!

#42 – Try Not to Laugh Challenge

This is one of those classic challenges that never get old. Put on a funny video and try to watch it without making a sound.

#43 Blindfolded Makeup Challenge

Try doing your makeup with a blindfold, and you got a funny video!

#44 – Touch My Body Challenge

This is the challenge where you have to guess a person’s body part while touching it blindfolded.

#45 – Clothes Swap Challenge

Another fun challenge to do. Swap clothes with a friend, relative, or boyfriend/girlfriend for a day.

#46 – Speed Drawing Challenge

The goal is for each player to draw a picture as quickly as possible (just 1-2 minutes). Whoever draws the best picture wins. 

#47 – 7-Second Challenge

The 7-second challenge is a straightforward but fun one; You have to complete a given task in just 7 seconds. Each player gets seven turns, and the winner is the one who completed most tasks.

#48 – Guess the YouTuber’s Voice Challenge

Try to guess who the YouTuber is by just hearing their voice.

#49 – What’s in the Box Challenge

Put items in a non-transparent box and cut out holes. Make your friends stick in their hands and guess what item they are touching.

#50 – 24 Hour Challenge

This challenge is probably not so fun for the participant, even if it can be hilarious to watch. The goal is to spend 24 hours straight in a single location. 

#51 – Guess The Film Challenge

Try to guess what movie a quote is from. This is a great challenge if you are a film-buff.

#52 – Worst Rated Place Challenge

This challenge has you go to the worst-rated place in town on yelp or google. It could be a restaurant, barber, or anything else.

Food Related Youtube Challenge Ideas

#53 – Weird Soda Taste Test Challenge

There are many weird soda flavors out there; not all are tasty. Do a challenge where you taste the weirdest sodas you can find.

#54 – Pringles Taste Test Challenge

Do a simple taste test of all pringles flavors.

#55 – Weird or Foreign Candy Challenge

Each country has its local foods and weird candy. It is always fun to do a video where you review candy from far away places.

#56 – Blind Onion Ring Taste Challenge

Can you taste the difference between onion rings? Do a taste test blindfolded.

#57 – Spiciest Food Challenge

Do a video challenge where you try the spiciest foods.

#58 – Baby Food Challenge

This is a simple food challenge; Get a variety of baby foods and try out each flavor. 

#59 – Whipped Cream Challenge 

For this youtube challenge idea, you will need the Pie Face Game. You spin the wheel and put your face on the chin rest and turn the handle. Instead of pie, you put whipped cream on the pie thrower.

#60 – Blind Water Taste Challenge

If you have ever had bottled water, you know some taste different than others. As funny as it sounds, you can do a blindfolded taste test of bottled water.

#61 – Weird Cereal Challenge

There are so many weird cereal flavors to try. No wonder people have made a challenge out of it.

#62 – Blind Burger Taste Challenge

Go out and get a few burgers and see if you can tell the difference by tasting them blindfolded.

#63 – Blind Fry Taste Challenge

If you have a fryer, you could try frying different food items and see if you can tell what it is blindfolded.

#64 – Hot Sauce Challenge

In this challenge, you have to try different hot sauces. You could start from the less spicy and end with the hottest sauce.

#65 – Pizza Challenge

The goal is for each player to make their own pizza with the ingredients they choose. The winner is the person who made the tastiest pizza!

#66 – Blind Soda Taste Challenge

Try your favorite sodas blindfolded. See if you can tell the difference.

#67 – Brain Freeze Challenge

Try to give yourself a brain freeze by consuming cold food or a drink like ice cream.

#68 – Blind Lays Chip Taste Test Challenge

Do a taste test of different lays flavors blindfolded.

#69 – Teabag Challenge

Have you ever thought of eating the contents of a teabag? Try doing it without making a face.

#70 – Bean Boozled Challenge

In this challenge, you need to buy the Beanboozled Mystery Bean Set, which is a mix of good and nasty flavored jellybeans. Take a handful of them and try each one as you hit record. 

#71 – Tin Can Challenge

This challenge is simple; Remove the labels on a set of cans while the players have to consume its mystery contents. It is always fun to add as many gross food items as you can.

#72 – The Ghost Pepper Challenge

The ghost pepper is one of the world’s hottest peppers. The challenge is to eat one ghost pepper and record the reaction and aftermath (which is undoubtedly not pleasant).  

Just make sure you are willing to go through all the pain fist and do it safely. There are many other fun challenges to choose from, so don’t feel pressured to do this particular one.

#73 – McDonald’s Roulette Challenge

In this food challenge, you have to go to a random Mcdonald’s drive-thru and order what the last person ordered. You never know what you are going to get!

#74 – 10.000 Calorie Challenge

The objective is simple; Eat 10.000 calories in a single day. That is an enormous amount of food you will have to consume.

Again, we have to warn against this challenge because it can lead to physical discomfort such as abdominal cramps.

#75 – Brand Name vs. Generic Blindfold Challenge

Try to tell apart brand name foods from generic brands through a blindfolded taste test.

#76 – Egg Roulette Challenge

The name might be self-explanatory, but the idea is to buy a couple of eggs and boil some of them. Then, each player gets to smash a random egg on their forehead. Let’s hope you are not the unlucky one.

#77 – Smoothie Challenge

The goal here is to create a smoothy where you are limited to 5 gross and 5 tasty ingredients (Can also be 10 gross / 10 tasty).  

#78 – Sourest Food Challenge

Do a challenge video where you eat the sourest candy and foods you can find. Just a search on Amazon will get you more than enough.

#79 – Make it Vegan Challenge

The goals simple, try to make a vegan version of a food dish that usually has meat in it. The result can be amazing or terrible.

#80 – Weird Oreo Taste Test Challenge

There are so many Oreo flavors you can try. The idea of this challenge is to try the weirdest flavors you can find.

#81 – Eat it or Wear it Challenge

In this food challenge, you put food items in a non-transparent bag or can, and number them. Everyone gets to pick a number and have to eat what’s inside.

If you refuse to eat it, you have to wear the food. The winner is the person with the least amount of food on themselves. Good luck!

#82 – Foreign Food Challenge

Try a food dish from another country. The challenge can be done while traveling or by making the dish at home.

#83 – Wasabi Challenge

In this challenge, you have to try to eat wasabi straight from your finger. 

#84 – Hot pepper Challenge

This challenge involves trying a hot pepper and filming your reaction. A common hot pepper is the Ghost Pepper but can be done with many other peppers as well.

#85 – Pancake Art Challenge

Simple idea; Each player has to make their own pancake art. Whoever creates the best is the winner.

Youtube Challenges to Do With Kids

#86 – Walk on Legos Challenge

The name is probably self-explanatory, but the challenge is to walk through a path of legos and make it to the other side. 

#87 – Balloon Challenge

The goal of the balloon challenge is to pop the balloon only using your body. You can get help from others.

#88 – Balloon Animal Challenge

The idea here is simple. Do a contest to see who makes the best balloon animal.

#89 – The Floor is Lava Challenge

This is a game everyone played when they were a kid. The goal is to get around without touching the floor.

#90 – Hungry Hippo Challenge

The players have to slurp up small candy (like skittles) with their mount without using their hands. Remember not to eat the candy but put it in a bowl to see who slurped up the most.

Season & Holiday Related Challenges

Why not do a special video for the holidays. Here is a list of the best season/holiday-related youtube challenge ideas.

#91 – Pumpkin Carving Challenge

See who is best at carving a pumpkin.

#92 – Halloween Candy Challenge

Do a Halloween candy taste test.

#93 – Halloween DIY Costume Challenge

In this fun challenge, each player has to create a DIY Halloween costume using only items found at home.

#94 – Gift Wrapping Challenge

The gift wrapping challenge is where you compete on who can wrap the most beautiful gifts.

#95 – Gingerbread House Challenge

A simple video idea; Make a contest to see who makes the best gingerbread house?

#96 – Christmas Song Challenge

In this challenge, the players have to guess what Christmas song is playing. The person who guessed most right wins.

#97 – Human Christmas Tree Challenge

In this challenge, you have to dress someone, or yourself as you would a Christmas tree.

#98 – Easter Egg Hunt Challenge

Set up an Easter egg hunt for friends or family for an Easter video.

#99 – Egg Drawing Challenge

Do a contest to see who can draw the best looking Easter egg.

#100 – Your Own Youtube Challenge

For the 100th youtube challenge idea, why not make your own.

Tips When Doing a Youtube Challenge

  • Remember that the “rules” of each challenge are more like guidelines. You can change numbers, amounts, and customize the challenges to fit your channel and your situation.
  • Many of the challenges can be done alone as well as friends. But some work better when there are a lot of people involved.
  • Remember not to do anything dangerous. It’s not worth it to try something that is not safe.
  • Embrace the moment! Many of these challenges will be awkward to do and might lead to a bit humiliation. That is the point! 

Come Up With Your Own Challenge

Above, we have listed 100 youtube challenge ideas for you to try, but why not come up with your own youtube challenge. You might want to combine different challenges or just get creative. It is always fun to try something new and original for your content. 

In Conclusion

We hope you found some challenges to do for your next youtube video! Just remember to be safe and not do anything that could hurt yourself or others.