Top 5 Backpacks for Vlogging

If you are a vlogger on the move, a good backpack is essential to carry and protect your gear. Sooner or later, you will start to accumulate a collection of lenses, tripods and other equipment, making a proper vlogging backpack a must have.

After extensive research, we are sharing with you our picks for the best vlogging backpacks out there in this round-up review. Which one is right for you will depend on your vlogging style and preference. This is why we have made sure to deep-dive into each item and compare them so that you can make a good decision. Enjoy!

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Features of a Good Backpack for Vloggers

You might ask yourself if you really need a backpack for your vlogging gear. The obvious use of a camera bag is the ability to carry with you a lot of equipment, but there are additional benefits as well.

Organization & Access – A proper camera bag allows you to keep things organized and tidy. This allows you to quickly find the gear you need when you need it. 

Gear Storage – Vlogging equipment tends to be pricey​ and fragile, so naturally you’d want to store it in a safe place. A vlogging backpack protects your gear and gives you compartments where you can safely store lenses, drones and other equipment.

Types of Vlogging Backpacks

Not all vlogging backpacks are created equal. Some are better for some situations than others. Mainly, we can categorize vlogging bags depending on use:

  • Small compatible backpacks are great for shorter trips and as carry ons on planes. 
  • Bigger and bulkier bags are ideal for longer travel, where you have to bring along more equipment and personal belongings.

What to Look for in a Vlogging Backpack

What features should you look for in a good vlogging backpack? While this might be subjective, we share with you what aspects you should consider based on functionality. 

Weight and Capacity

You want to find a backpack that can carry all of your vlogging gear. While a bag with high weight capacity is great, it will be really heavy to carry around when full. Usually, you want to find the middle ground. In our experience, we recommend a vlogging backpack that is about 30-40L in volume. 

Extra Storage Options

Compartments are great for when you want to organize and store all of your gear. The more extra compartments you have, the more equipment you can carry with you like lenses, SD cards, gimbals, drones and more.

Additional Storage Options to look for:

  • Must-have: Tripod holder
  • Must-Have: Small pockets for SD Cards & accessories
  • Recommended: Laptop / tablet compartments
  • Recommended: Dual Compartments. Split compartments in bigger backpacks are great for separating your vlogging gear from your personal belongings when traveling.


When you are out traveling, you want to be able to capture every moment, this means having the camera ready at all times. Being able to quickly access your camera and other gear is therefore critical. A good camera bag is designed with access in mind, allowing you to quickly use your most essential items.


If you bring your gear along when you travel, comfort will be very important. Carrying a heavy bag for longer periods of time can put strain on your back and make for a bad experience overall.

  • Padding – Look for backpacks with plenty of padding and cushioned shoulder straps.
  • Lumbar support – Good backpacks are designed to avoid problems with your back. You want to look for bags that are shaped to distribute the weight evenly and do not put strain on your spine.


Of course, you will want a vlogging backpack that is durable. Vlogging, let alone travel vlogging can really put a strain on your bag. Look for materials that protect your gear from the elements, and have a level of quality that makes it last for a while. 


And finally, there is the price. You need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a vlogging backpack. To make a good investment, be sure to know what you are going to use it for, and how much space you really need. Also, take into account how expensive your gear is. Equipment like lenses and drones can be very pricey, so a premium backpack to transport them is even more important.

Top 5 Vlogging Backpacks

MOSISO Camera Backpack (Best Value)


  • Great price
  • Hardshell case provides great durability and shock protection.
  • Able to carry a DJI drone or gimbal.


  • Could have some more accessory pockets for smaller items.

This camera backpack from MOSISO offers great value for its price. It’s quite spacious and able to hold two DSLR / mirrorless cameras and a few lenses. The modular inserts also allow you to also carry a DJI drone or gimbal safely. In addition, you also get two accessory pockets and a tripod holder on the side. 

The super foam padded layer on the back makes it comfortable to wear for longer periods of time without any problem. The backpack’s design also provides shock and weather protection through its hard shell and durable materials. 

In our opinion, the only thing that could be better is the addition of more pockets and compartments for smaller items. But that is only a smaller con.

What it holds: Up to two DSLR or mirrorless cameras / 2-4 lenses / Up to 16” laptop / DJI Mavic drone (Mavic 2, Air or Pro)

Verdict: Overall, this is a spacious backpack, with a lot of storage options for a very reasonable price. They have put thought into its design, as it does a lot to protect your gear. We also like its simple look, as it does not scream “I have an expensive camera in here.” 

Endurax Extra Large Camera Backpack (Best Large Backpack)


  • Vary spacious
  • Dual compartments


  • When fully packed, it is really heavy to carry.

The ENDURAX Extra Large camera backpack is great if you have a lot of equipment to carry. The bag was designed with hiking in mind but works just as well for any kind of long travel. With a maximum capacity of 2 cameras and 8 lenses, this is a really big bag with plenty of storage options.

The backpack is divided into two large compartments with customizable dividers so you can safely carry your camera bodies and lenses. Included is a small pouch that fits nicely on the shoulder or waist. This is great if you only want to bring the essentials with you for some kind of smaller trip. There is also a rain cover included, a tripod pouch, as well as laptop or tablet compartments. 

If you fill the whole bag with gear, it will almost get too heavy to carry for a normal person. It is also not likely you can put it under our seat on a plane. For most people, you probably will never fill this bag to maximum capacity, but in case you need to, you always have this option. Yet, we found the two large compartments great for separating your personal belongings and gear.

What it holds: Two pro-sized mirrorless cameras / 6-8 lenses, 2-3 flashes / 15.6 in laptop or tablet

Verdict: Overall, this is a great backpack for hiking or long travel. Its two divided compartments allow you to separate personal items from your camera gear, a great feature for travel vloggers. And the added accessories like the extra pouch, tripod holder, and rain cover really gives you many options. 

LowePro Tahoe BP 150 (Best Small Backpack)


  • Great price
  • Thick padding 
  • Very comfortable to wear


  • Cannot hold a laptop

LowerPro is a trusted brand for camera backpacks. The Tahoe BP150 backpack is on the smaller side, as it fits one DSLR or mirrorless camera and about 3-4 lenses. While it cannot hold a laptop, you can fit a tablet and smaller accessories through the smart pockets.

It is a comfortable bag to carry, with plenty of padding and a compact build. And not entirely waterproof, it can handle rugged weather conditions. The design of this backpack is simple yet effective and fits nicely under an airplane seat.

What it holds: DSLR or mirrorless camera with lens attached / 3-4 lenses / 11″ Tablet (or very small laptop) / DJI Mavic Pro / DJI Spark

Verdict: Overall, this is both a durable and comfortable bag for a great price. It’s smaller in size, but not everyone needs a huge camera backpack, especially for shorter trips. 

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L (Best Design)


  • Great system of flexfold dividers – very customizable
  • Very durable / water resistant material
  • Cool looking minimalistic design


  • Bag pockets can bulge out a bit when its full
  • You can’t access all the gear at once
  • A bit pricey

Peak Design is a well-known brand for photography and video gear bags. Their camera backpacks not only look good with their slick, minimalistic design but are also very practical.

The 30L version is a spacious backpack, allowing you to carry larger lenses and gear. It can hold up to 2 camera bodies and 3-6 lenses with a great system of dividers and pockets for you to store and organize everything neatly. On each side of the backpack are pockets that accommodate tripods, gimbals, and bottles. 

Accessibility is also made simple with this backpack. It has top and side flaps so that you can quickly find your gear without having to go through the whole bag. One drawback with this system though is that you cannot have access to all of your gear at once. 

This is also a durable bag, with weatherproof material and zippers.  A Peak Design Backpack will last you a good while, as it is made only with premium materials. 

There is also a 20L version of this bag that we recommend. The difference between the 20L and 30L backpacks are their size. The two options make it easy to find the right bag for the moment, where it be taking it with you on a plane or bringing your gear along in the car. 

What it holds: 2 cameras & 2-6 lenses / 18 L min to 30 L max capacity / 15” MacBook Pro / 12.9” iPad Pro

Verdict – Peak Design bags are pricey, which might scare some people off, but remember that you are paying for a premium camera bag that will last you for years to come. We love the design and all the storage options.

Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II (Editors Pick)


  • Holds a lot of gear
  • 4 access points, including one from the back where you can access all of your gear at once
  • Very durable, tactical, heavy-duty


  • Can be uncomfortable to carry for longer periods

The final vlogging backpack on this list is also one of our favorites. The Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW II is a premium camera bag that can carry a lot of gear, around 8 lenses and 2 cameras.

This bag has a total of four access points, one from the top, two from the sides, and one from the back. Similar to the Peak Design backpack, the two side flaps offer access to only some of your gear, but the 450 AW II also opens up entirely, so you can access all of your gear at once, a feature we missed in the competitor.

The straps on the outside of the bag allow you to add accessories like bottle holders or tripods while the interior offers a great system of adjustable and padded dividers for holding cameras and other gear. Additionally, you get two smaller pockets on each side that are perfect for carrying smartphones, keys or passports. 

The bag is reinforced with padding and holds its structure regardless of how full it is. A con with this sturdy design is that the 450 AW II can be uncomfortable to wear for longer periods due to its stiffness. While the back and straps of the backpack offer plenty of padding, they still don’t do enough.

What it holds: 1-2 DSLRs (one with 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached) / 8 lenses / Mavic / Osmo / 360 cam / 15” laptop

Verdict – Overall, this is our editor’s pick because this bag is really thoughtfully designed, sturdy, and works just as well for travel, hiking, and the city. It can hold a lot of gear and offers unlimited options when it comes to storage.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. Our round-up of the top 5 backpacks for vlogging. But to be honest, it will come down to preference. So that is why we want to avoid picking one winner and try to recommend bags with different uses.