101 Creative Vlog Ideas for Youtube

Consistently coming up with new content for your channel is difficult. But you don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every new video make.

Most successful YouTubers just use some common video formats and put their own spin to it. You could do the same.

Below is a list of 101 vlog ideas for youtube. They are organized by topic:

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General Vlog Ideas for Youtube

1.Channel Intro

A channel intro is the video newcomers will find on your channels page. This short video should introduce them to your channel. Explain what your channel is about, who you are, and what they can expect from your content.

2.FAQ Question

If there are questions about you or your content that keep coming up frequently, you could make a Frequently Asked Questions video. It is a way to connect with your viewers and create an entertaining video.


If you are passionate about a particular topic, you could make a video interviewing an expert from that niche. These videos can be incredibly educational for both you and your audience. It will require you to reach out to interviews and prepare questions, but it is well worth it.

4.Behind the Scenes Vlog

Show your viewers what goes into creating a youtube video. Tell them about the equipment you are using and how you come up with ideas. Explain the process from concept to post-production.

5.Collaboration Video

There are many content creators on the same journey as you are. Make sure to reach out to them. Maybe this could lead to a collaboration video. This can benefit both of you and make for an entertaining video for your audience.

6.How-to Video

Many people turn to youtube for common how-to questions. Make a short video showing how to do something. For example, “how to tie a tie” or “how to clean my sneakers.”

7.DIY Build video

If you enjoy building stuff on your own, consider making DIY building videos. Share your skills and help others.


Share your thoughts and opinions about something. A review video connects your audience to a helpful product or service. Make sure to only review products you have tried yourself and only give your honest opinions and thoughts.

9.Gift Suggestions

Many people struggle to come up with ideas for gifts to other people. Make a video giving them some smart gift suggestions, maybe in a specific niche or budget.

10.Challenge Vlog

Challenge videos have taken Youtube by storm, and they are not going anywhere soon. They are very fun to make and even more entertaining to watch. 

11.Educational video

Make an educational video explaining a complex topic in an engaging way. This is a prevalent form of content on Youtube, having made many successful channels.


Sometimes you want to make a vlog without a particular structure or format. Maybe you just want to vent or share your thoughts about something. Just make sure not to upload something where you say something offensive that can get you in trouble. 


A compilation is where you collect video and clips in a specific topic or theme and create a video.


An unboxing video is where you open a product for the first time. You record your initial thoughts and reaction to the product. You could combine this format with a review of the item.

15.Life Hacks

People always look for ways they can save time and money. Show them how through life hack videos. Except for being useful, they are also very entertaining to watch.

16.Top 10 Lists

A great way to review stuff is through top 10 lists. Make a video listing your top 10 best x in a specific topic or niche. Similarly, you could also make a list of your top 10 worst x.


If there is something you want to share or explain that requires more than a 5-10 minute video, you could do a short documentary. There is a lot of research and footage that goes into creating a Youtube documentary. It is also helpful to have some filmmaking and editing skills.

18.Short Film

If you are an aspiring filmmaker, Youtube can be a great place to show your work. You could upload short films and get feedback on your work. It is also a way for other people to see your portfolio of work and open up new career opportunities.

19.Book Review

If you read a lot, you probably have some opinions and thoughts about the books you read. Make a video reviewing a book you liked.

20.Magic Tricks

Maybe you know some magic tricks. If so, why not make a video showing off your talents. They can be fun to watch and educational if you explain how to do the tricks.

21.Slow-motion Video

Even some of the most mundane things can look incredible in slow motion. If you have a camera that can record high frame rates, you can make a very successful channel out of slow-motion videos.

22.Photoshop Transformation Video

If you are skilled in photoshop, make a video transforming an image through editing. They can be very fun to watch.

23.Drawing Time-Lapse

Are you good at drawing? If so, you could make a video where you show off your skills. Draw something and record it, maybe add some music in the background. 

24.Contest Video

Do a contest vlog for your audience. Make them engage and offer a prize they can win.

25.Channel Anniversary Vlog

Channel milestones are not only sub counts, you could also make an anniversary video after x years on Youtube. Making content consistently for some time requires a lot of effort and should be celebrated.

26.Time-Lapse Video

Time-lapse videos are amazing to watch. They require a lot of effort and technique to make, but this is what makes them unique.

Get to Know Me Vlog Ideas

This is a list of vlog ideas for youtube audience interaction. Through these videos, your viewers get to know you better and engage with your content.

27.Personal Introduction 

First things first, make sure to introduce yourself to your audience. Tell them a bit about yourself and why you started this youtube channel. Keep it real and personal, and your audience will love you for it.

28.Ask-me-anything Video

A ask me anything video is a great way for your viewers to interact with you. They are easy and fun to make. 

29.50 Facts About Me

A fun way for your viewers to get to know you better is through a “Facts About Me” video. 50 facts might seem like a lot, but once you get the ball rolling, you will be surprised by what you can come up with.

30.What’s on my phone?

The “what’s on my phone” tag where you share what apps you use most, which ones are your favorites and why? It is a great video for your viewers to get to know you better.

31.House Tour

A house tour can be a simple yet effective way to strengthen your relationship with your viewers. Your house can tell a lot of things about you. House tours can be a fun way for your viewers to get to know you better. 

32.Day in Life

In a day-in-life video, you share your day to day life or parts of it. You can add your thoughts on commentary during the video. This is another way for viewers to get to know you better. 

33.Draw my Life

Draw my Life videos are very popular on youtube. It’s a good way for your viewers to get to know you and understand where you come from. Share with them your life struggles, successes, and how you discovered youtube.

34.List your Favorite Songs

Make a video where you list your favorite songs; it can tell a lot about your personality.

35.List your Favorite Movies

You could also make a video about your favorite movies. Tell your viewers which ones they are and why.

36.Life Lessons

You probably have some life lessons. Some learned the hard way. Don’t be afraid to share them. It could help and inspire others.

37.My Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list of things you want to do in your life? If not, make one. You could easily share it with your audience. It can be funny and inspirational to see somebody’s bucket list; it also a good way to get to know them better.

38.Childhood Story

You probably have many funny stories from your childhood. You could share them with your viewers through a video.

39.How/Why You Started Youtube

You could make a video where you tell your audience about the story behind your channel and what your goals are going forward.

Travel Vlogging

There are unlimited possibilities for travel vloggers as it is a broad category with several sub-niches. It can also be easily combined with personal vlogs as your personality is a driving force.

40.Travel Video

Simply make a vlog about your next trip. Share with your audience the journey, experiences, and obstacles.

41.Travel Guide

Most people travel to a place on a shorter timeframe. This means they might not have so much time to explore many places or restaurants. Make a video sharing the best places to visit and eat at, so they can get the most out of their trip.

42.Travel Stories Vlog

If you have done some traveling, you probably have some entertaining stories. You could make a video telling some funny stories from your travels.

43.Food Travel Vlogging

Many travel vloggers combine exploration with food. Make a video trying exotic food from far away places.

44.Traveling Tips

If you have traveled a lot, you might have some useful traveling tips for beginners. Share them in your next video.

45.What’s in My Bag

Make a video telling your audience what you are bringing with you to your next trip and why.

46.City Tour

Tour a city and film it. Share with your audience the places you visited and the restaurants you went to. 

Gaming Content

This is a list of gaming vlog ideas for youtube. Gaming content has grown into a multi-million dollar industry. If you are already a gamer, youtube can be a great opportunity for you.

47.Gameplay Video

Gameplay videos on youtube have become extremely popular. If there is a game you like or want to play, why not record it. 

48.Game Reviews

A simple gaming video you could make is a review of a game you played. Did you like it? Why? Do you have any tips or tricks on playing the game?

49.Gaming News

There are constant news and rumors in the gaming community. You could easily make a news video featuring the latest announcements or rumors about upcoming games.

50.Game Tutorials

Many people search for video game tutorials on youtube. Maybe they want to learn how to pass a certain level or know how to build or find a certain item. You could easily make a quick video showing them exactly how.

51.Game Glitches Compilation

Some video games are not as polished as others, and all games have some glitches. This does not have to be a negative thing. It can be hilarious to watch a video game glitches compilation.

52.Speedrun Video

Maybe there is a game you have played so many times you can play it without really thinking. If so, you could make a speedrun gameplay video. 

Fitness & Health

For many, Youtube is the first place to go when they want to learn about new diets, workouts, or health tips. Below is a list of some fitness&health related vlog ideas for youtube.

53.Workout Guide

Show your viewers your workout routine, explain how to do certain exercises, and how to do the workout.

54.Transformation Video

Have you made some great progress in your fitness journey? You could make a transformation video sharing it with your audience. It can be incredibly inspiring for many.

55.Exercise Plan

Most people want a detailed exercise plan. Maybe you could share yours, and how it is structured, what has worked for you, and what hasn’t.

56.What I eat in a Day

Many people struggle with keeping diets and eating healthy. Share with your viewers your diet and how you go about sticking to it. 

57.Vitamins/Supplements Review

Make a video sharing with your audience your favorite supplement products. Make sure to have tried them beforehand and give an honest opinion about the product.

58.At-Home Workouts w/ No Equipment

Many people want to know the best at-home workout routines without any equipment. A video on the subject can be very helpful.

59.Stretching Videos

Stretching is an important part of a complete workout. Show your audience your stretching routine and exercises.

60.Home Remedies

For many common health-related questions, there will be a home remedy. Make a video showing a home remedy for a specific problem or question.

61.Extreme Sport Video

Make a video capturing all the adrenaline and excitement doing an extreme sport. It could be everything from paragliding to scuba diving. Of course, this requires you to be a professional and know what you are doing.

62.Dancing Tutorial

If you have some talent with dancing, you could make a video teaching your viewers how to dance.

Couple Vlog Ideas

63.How We Met Video

Make a video sharing the story of how you first met. What did you first think of each other? Was there an instant connection, or was it awkward at first? 

64.Couple Challenge

Do a couple challenge vlog. They can be an incredibly fun video to make, and very entertaining too watch.

65.How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

How well do you know each other? Do a vlog asking each other questions. You might be surprised by some answers, and it makes for a hilarious video.

66.Relationship Tips

Make a video sharing some relationship advice. What has worked for you, what hasn’t? Share some tips and insights on relationships.

Music Vlog Ideas

If you have a talent for music, there is a lot of opportunity for you on Youtube. There are many music-related vlog ideas for youtube to get you started.

67.Song Cover

If you have some talent for music, you could make a cover on a song or create your own original content. 

68.Album Review

Review your favorite album or a new release from your favorite artist. Share your favorite tracks and rank them. 

69.DIY Music Video

If you are creative and resourceful, you could make a DIY music video. Maybe you could shoot it outside or at home with help from your friends. Or you could do animations, edits, or drawings. There are so many ways you could make a great music video.

70.Instrument Tutorial

Learning a new instrument can be very frustrating. You could help other people through tutorials if you know how to play the guitar, piano, or any other instrument. 

71.Singing Lessons

Maybe you can sing. If so, you could teach others as well. You could make a series of videos showing others how to sing and improve their voice. Video is a great way to teach someone how to sing.

Funny Vlog Ideas

Comedy skits and funny videos have always been prevalent on Youtube since the very beginning. There are many funny vlog ideas you can get started with.

72.Comedy Skits

If you are creative and have some filmmaking talents, you could do funny comedy skits. The trick is often the timing of the joke. Music can also play a big part in making a funny video. Just try different things and have fun with it.

73.Fail Compilations

Fail compilations have become very popular on youtube. There is something inherently entertaining about watching other people fail. You could do your own collection of fail videos.

74.Meme Compilations

What would the internet be without memes? You could easily do a video collection of funny memes or make a reaction video. They are fun to make and can be hilarious to watch.


If you have been making content for a while, you probably have some blooper clips. We all do gaffes, and funny fails some times. If you have some behind the scenes clips from your content you could easily do a funny bloopers compilation.

76.Parody Video

You could easily do a parody video on a show you like, or even on other content on youtube. Just make sure to do it respectfully, so you don’t hurt others. 

77.Prank Video

You could do funny prank videos or social experiments. Just make sure not to go too far and actually hurt others.

Beauty & Makeup

Video is ideal for makeup and beauty tutorials. So it has naturally grown to become a big part of Youtube. If you have a talent for beauty or makeup, you could easily share your experience and skills with other people on this platform. Below is a list of beauty & makeup vlog ideas for Youtube.

78.Makeup Tutorial

Make a video sharing some helpful tips on how to do your makeup.

79.Hair-Styling Tutorial

Show people how to style their hair a certain way. Make a video explaining all the steps you need to get the look.

80.Hair-cut Tutorial

If you know how, make a haircut tutorial. Many people go to youtube to find how to do a certain haircut.

81.What’s in my closet?

Make a video sharing what is in your closet? What are your favorite clothes to wear, and why?

Gadget & Tech

If you are interested in tech and gadgets, you could look into building a channel around that topic.

82.Product and Gadget Review Video

You can help people decide whether to buy a product by trying it out first. Give them useful information and insights through a gadget review.

83.My Favorite Gadgets Video

If you are techy, you will probably have a favorite gadget you use daily. Make a video sharing them with your audience. 

84.Favorite Apps and Software

Make a video sharing what apps or software you are using. Which ones are your favorites and why?

85.Tech News

Share the latest news and trends in the tech world. There is a lot to keep track of in this fast-changing industry.

86.Vlogging Gear Review

Share your vlogging setup. What camera are you using? What microphone? Do you have other equipment? Tell your viewers what budget you are on and what you plan to upgrade too.

Personal Development/Motivation

You could share your passion of personal development through a Youtube channel. Below are some vlogging ideas in the personal development/motivational space.

87.Motivational Video

If you have some editing skills, you could make a motivational video. Music, speeches, and videos can be edited in an exciting way to motivate others. A motivational video could also take the form of a story about overcoming adversity or an inspirational speech or poem.

88.Tips for Public Speaking

Almost anyone struggles with public speaking. Yet it is a very good skill to master. If you have some experience or ability in this area, you could easily help others through tips and tutorials.

89.Study Tips

Sitting down to study can be incredibly hard and frustrating. If you have managed to find some productivity hack or tip to help you, you could share it with other people. 

90.Language Tutorial

Learning a new language is hard. If you are bilingual, you could easily help people learn your language. People will prefer learning from a YouTuber and personality that they enjoy rather than an app or course.

91.Share My Goals Video

Sharing your goals can motivate you to achieve them and inspire others. You could do a monthly, quarterly, or yearly goal setting. It could be personal goals or related to career or business.

92.Story About Overcoming Adversity 

Nothing is more inspirational than a good story on overcoming adversity or any obstacle in life. You could do a story vlog sharing your own experiences overcoming obstacles in life or your career. 

Pets & Animals

Animal videos are a staple of youtube. Below are some animal-related vlog ideas for youtube.

93.Pet Compilation Video

There are endless funny pet compilation videos on youtube. And we will never run out of new ones. Maybe you have funny videos of your pet, or you could use clips from other places. 

94.Pet Care Tips

Taking care of pets can be difficult some times. You probably have a bunch of clever tricks and tips for taking care of that animal if you have a pet yourself. You share that info in an entertaining way through a video.

95.Animal Tricks

Some animals can do very impressive tricks. You could easily pick up a camera and do a video about it.

Cooking & Food

There are endless cooking videos on Youtube. Videos are a great way to explain and show a cooking recipe. There are endless sub-niches you could get into. Here is a list of foodie vlog ideas for youtube.

96.Single Recipe

Make a video showing how to cook a certain recipe. Maybe you could show off your own recipes or from your local cousin.

97.What’s in My Fridge?

Show your viewers what is in your fridge and how it is organized. Maybe share some smart tips and tricks to avoid a messy fridge. 

98.Grocery Haul

This is a popular video format used by many foodtubers. You simply unbox all items you just bought at the store. Explain what you bought and what you plan to do with it.

99.Restaurant Reviews

If you are a foodie, you can easily make restaurant reviews. You could review famous or local restaurants or places you visit when you travel. Remember that reviewing local restaurants will mean less competition for you.

100.1 Ingredient 5 ways

Make a video showing 5 ways to cook an ingredient. This forces you to be creative and resourceful. It can make for a great cooking video.

101.Technique Tutorial

For most beginner cooks, the technique is difficult to master. Make a video teaching technique for beginners step by step.

In Conslusion

We hope you enjoyed our list of 101 vlog ideas for youtube. You could combine and mix different formats, or come up with new ones. Remember not to be afraid to try different things.