23 Stream Ideas for Twitch or Youtube

Live streaming on Twitch or Youtube offers many new and exciting opportunities for your content. Your viewers get to interact with you live and be a part of the experience. 

You might need some inspiration along the way, or you might have run out of ideas for a stream. Whatever the case is, we’ve got you covered. In this list, we provide you with 23 stream ideas for Twitch or Youtube with the potential to garner millions of views.

The ideas in this list could be used for a single streaming segment, or you could build whole channels around some of them. Combing and mixing can also be done. Be creative!

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General Twitch / Youtube Stream Ideas

1. Live Q&A

Doing a live Q&A is a great way for you to interact with your audience on your stream. Engaging your viewers through these types of streams is a big factor in growing a channel.

2. Spontaneous “Just Chat” Stream

Sometimes some of the best streams can come out of not actually doing anything other than having a friendly chat with your viewers. It’s kind of like hanging out with your friends. This is an opportunity to connect with your audience and interact with them.

3. Behind the Scenes

It is always inspiring and fun to see the setups other streamers are using. Maybe you are streaming from a laptop, or you might have an expensive 2-pc setup. Whatever the case, showcase how you make your content and what goes into the process.

4. Contest / Giveaway

Offering incentives through a live contest or giveaway is another great way to engage your audience. Make sure to do one once in a while if you have the opportunity.

5. Tell a Story

You can use live streaming to tell a story. Share stories from your life while interacting with your viewer’s live.

6. Blog post stream

If you are already doing blogging, you can easily read what you’ve written in a stream. Through this format, you can also include your thoughts and additional ideas as you sharing your blog post. It is a great way to diversify your content for non-readers.

7. Interview

Doing a live interview with an expert or just an interesting person can be very fun to watch. Make sure to interview people around the topics and niches connected to your content.

8. Live Event

If you are attending an event, why not stream it live, if you are allowed to of course. Especially if the event is relevant to your content or niche of your channel.

9. Breaking News

If there is some breaking news relevant to your niche or topic, you can always share your reaction through a live stream. Sharing your thoughts this way with your viewers who share your interests can be a great way to grow a strong community.

10. Announcement

Some big announcements for your channel are best made through a live stream as people also get to respond to the news in real-time.

11. Live Training 

A live training or how-to stream can teach your audience something in your particular niche of field. It’s a great way to pass on knowledge to your audience and grow your channel.

Niche Stream Ideas

12. Artwork Livestream

There are many art live streamers on both Twitch and Youtube. Maybe you are good at drawing, photoshop or paint. Whatever the case might be, there is something really gratifying about watching someone work and finish a piece of art live. Meanwhile, you can tell stories or interact with your viewers, engaging your audience further.

13. Cooking Live stream

On a live stream, anything can happen. Cooking live can be very entertaining for just this reason. It also makes your audience feel that they are there with you and can copy your steps. Not to mention, they can ask questions if there is something they don’t understand as they are doing it!

14. Moring Routine live stream

Sharing your morning routine through a live stream can be very fun for your audience, and they might even be inspired and add things to their own habits. It also shows them a part of your life they might not have seen before.

15. Product Review

Do a live product review! Reviewing something on a stream can feel rawer and more genuine than a video as you share your first reaction to the product live and unedited. Your viewers also get to ask questions and interact with you live as you are doing it.

16. Live Workout

If you are into fitness, streaming your workout can be a good idea for you. Share your best tips and tricks and interact with your viewers along the way.

17. Movie/Book Review

A live movie or book review can be fun for your audience. Unlike video, they get to share their own thoughts and ideas along the way.

18. Live streaming Pets

Pets are often funny and unpredictable. This makes them great live-streaming material. Livestreaming animal shelters are only growing in popularity, and it is not hard to see why. If you have any pets a home, this might be a fun option for you.

19. ASMR Livestream

ASMR videos have grown in popularity, and so have ASMR live streams. People already familiar with Twitch might prefer listening to a live stream ASMR instead of a pre-recorded video. This might be a great opportunity for you.

20. Music Livestreaming

If you have a talent for music, why not share your work through live streams. You could even do a stream where you have to come up with a song or tune at the spot, sharing the process along the way.

Gaming Stream Ideas

Livestreams focused on gaming deserve a section of their own because of all the options available. Especially on Twitch, most streams revolve around gaming content, but many different types fit different people. Here are some Twitch stream ideas for gaming content.

21. Strategy Games

Strategy games take a lot of time and often make for very long videos. Try instead to live stream them. There are many people who prefer strategy over other game genres as they take a more relaxing approach. 

22. MMO Games

Streaming MMO games can be a bit gritty and get boring at certain parts. But if you have an entertaining personality and something to talk about, you can easily build an audience doing these streams.

23. Twitch Party Games

Twitch party games allow your viewers to get into the action and interact with your stream in other ways. They are often short, entertaining, and enjoyable to play. Making them a great way to build a community and engage your audience.

In Conclusion

We hope you got inspired by some of the Youtube and Twitch stream ideas mentioned above. 

Remember that you might need to try a few things before settling with this one idea. And that is completely fine. Experiment and have fun; that’s when you create your best content.