Top 5 Ring Lights for Youtube

We’ve all seen this kind of video on YouTube: it may have good content, but it’s almost impossible to watch because of bad lighting or bad audio. 

A good ring light can make the difference between a grainy video and a high-quality, well-lit vlog. It is not hard to see why ring lights have exploded in popularity, but they vary greatly in quality and use. 

In this round-up review, we have done the job for you. Using recommendations for top vloggers, hands-on experience, and extensive research, we have compiled the ultimate list of ring lights for Youtubers.

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What to Look for in a Ring Light for YouTube

It’s not an accident that more and more YouTubers are using ring lights these days: ring lights are highly affordable, lightweight, and compact, but they can transform the content you create.

The online marketplace is teeming with ring light options, and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. When looking for a ring light for YouTube, you need to first assess your own needs and current capabilities. 

Features of a Good Ring Light

Here are a few must-considers when purchasing a YouTube ring light.


The ring lights we’ve listed in this guide come in all different shapes and sizes: this is because vloggers the world over need lighting for different things. 

Assess your particular needs. If you’re someone who wants to travel with your ring light, but it weighs a ton, you might be kicking yourself a week after dropping 150 bucks on a new light. That said, you need to remember that, generally speaking, the smaller a ring light is, the lower the quality. There will always be a compromise between mobility and quality.

Furthermore, be sure to check out reader reviews of ring lights. We’ve sorted the wheat from the chaff in this guide, but some of the ring lights we’ve listed are a bit top-heavy, and we list that in the cons lists below when that’s the case. 

Being top-heavy is not a huge red flag because, after all, a nice ring light is going to be somewhat heavy; at the same time, you need to be more careful with the top-heavy ring lights. 

When considering top-heavy lights, you’ll also want to consider what kind of camera you’re using. If you’re just using a smartphone, your setup will be a lot less top-heavy than if you’re using, say, a nice DSLR camera.

Tripod or Clip-on?

The ring lights we’ve listed in this guide are used in different ways. Consider if you’re going to need a small ring light that clips onto your phone or a whole tripod setup. Remember that a clip-on ring light will always be cheaper and less effective than a tripod ring light because a clip-on ring light is much smaller. 


Consider what kind of an investment you’re making. For most talking head vlogs, it probably doesn’t really make sense to go for the top of the line in quality when a mid-tier light will do you just fine for your needs. If you’re a beauty blogger or a food blogger, you might want to consider a higher quality ring light due to the importance of the subject in the video.


Some ring lights are easier to assemble than others, ranging from the absolute ease of the clip-on to the tripod ring lights that have more moving parts. If you’re shooting in a temporary studio, one where you’ll have to set up and take down every day, you might want to consider a ring light that’s easier to assemble.

Putting it All Together

If you’re mostly a sit-at-your-computer-and-talk kind of vlogger, a clip-on ring light or a tripod ring light will both be worth equal consideration. If, however, you’re someone who wants to take your videos on the road, considering things like how heavy your ring light is and how easy it is to assemble and disassemble becomes very important.

Top 5 Ring Lights For YouTube

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the numerous available options and don’t know where to start, don’t fret! We’ve done all the hard work for you and found some of the best ring lights on the market. 

From affordable to high-end, from one single light level to a wide range of colors, we have a variety of ring light options for everyone. Check out our top 5 choices!

1. Neewer Advanced 18-inch LED Ring Light


  • Extremely easy setup
  • Simple Bluetooth remote
  • Various color customization options
  • Super lightweight and slim


  • Quite expensive
  • Can be a bit difficult to adjust the angle

We are in love with all the capabilities offered by the Neewer Advanced 18-inch LED. The LCD screen touch control is intuitive and makes operating the Neewer fun! What sets the Neewer apart from the competition is, however, the remote control. 

The incredibly sophisticated remote is easy to operate and can adjust the color temperature (ranging from 3200K to 5600K) and the brightness. This remote also allows you to connect multiple lights at once with up to 11 channels with different lights. This is excellent for creating dramatic, rapid changes in lighting or for customizing lighting exactly how you want it.

Diameter (outer): 18 inches / Color Range: 3200K – 5600K / Compatible with most smartphones / Includes: Ring light, stand, phone holder, charger plug, bag, remote control

Verdict – Neewer is a trusted brand for videography gear, and they do not disappoint with their 18-inch ring light. The many customization options, coupled with the ease of use makes this one of the most popular ring lights for Youtubers.

2. ESDDI 18inch


  • Extensive capabilities for numerous types of users
  • Effortless height adjustment
  • Broad color customization


  • High price tag
  • Not for casual users

Our favorite pick on our list is the ESDDI 18inch dimmable brightness bicolor. This ring light is in our opinion the best for most vloggers because it really does it all at a very reasonable price. 

The ESDDI provides maximum customization from the world of ring lights, with a wide range of color temperatures to choose from: colors ranging from 3200K to 5600K (we won’t get into that here, but essentially that’s a range from a warm orange to a pale blue – see that color range in action here).

ESDDI is proud of this product, and as such, they’ve given it a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, something that’s almost unheard of in the fast-paced world of video and selfie accessories.

Diameter (outer): 18 inches / Color Range: 3200K – 5600K / Compatible with most smartphones / 12-month warranty, 90-day satisfaction guarantee / Includes: Ring light, stand, phone holder, charger plug, bag

Verdict – The ESDDI 18-inch ring light is extremely affordable but still packs in a major punch when it comes to video quality. Its features are highly customizable, it is extremely bright, and it remains incredibly lightweight so that you can take your vlog on the road. While the ESDDI doesn’t have a remote control to go with it, this is a small price to pay for this intuitive, high-quality item.

3. 10’’ LED Ring Light with Stand and Phone Holder by UBeesize


  • Amazing quality
  • Affordable
  • Great color and brightness customization
  • Remote control capabilities
  • Extremely sturdy tripod


  • Can be a bit difficult to assemble
  • Is sometimes difficult to work with when adjusting height
  • Shorter AC/DC adapter cord 

This smaller, more compact ring light from UBeesize is ideal for smartphone vloggers. It is very portable and comes with a sturdy stand and smartphone holder. And at just 10 inches wide, it’s enough for a novice to get their feet wet in professional lightning.

Similar to the Neewer ring light, the UBeesize offers a ton of customization options, with dimness/brightness ranging from 1-100% and colors from 3000K to 6000K. Also, like the Neewer, the UBeesize is remote control capable and comes with a Bluetooth remote.

The included AC/DC adapter allows you to plug in your light and make it a lot brighter while producing very little extra heat. If you’re going to be shooting for a long time, this is an excellent choice. 

Diameter (outer): 10 inches / Color Range: 3000K – 6000K / Compatible with most smartphones / Includes: Ring light, stand, phone holder, charger plug, bag

Verdict – We chose to add the new 10” LED Ring Light from UBeesize to our lineup because it straddles the line between an expensive, professional ring light and an economy option. Though its size is smaller than some of the other ring lights on our list, the new UBeesize ring light gives a really nice, professional feel to your YouTube videos without breaking the bank. It is the go-to option for smartphone vloggers and people wanting to get started with a cheaper option.

4. QIAYA Selfie Light Ring


  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy-to-use clip-on functionality
  • Chargeable battery means 


  • Lighting may not be as good as bigger ring lights
  • Only three simple levels of brightness

This ring light is solely made for smartphones or laptop webcams. Its small design makes it easy to carry in your pocket.

If you’re just beginning your YouTube journey or want to change your approach a little bit, the QIAYA Selfie Light Ring is a really excellent choice. This ring light runs on a rechargeable battery that plugs straight into the wall via USB.

The brightness is adjustable on the ring light, with three separate options: low, medium, and high brightness. It is extremely lightweight and highly portable.

Size: 4-5 inches / Color Range: non-adjustable / Compatible with most smartphones and computers / Includes: clip-on ring light, charger

Verdict – If you’re someone who plans on making more cinematic vlogs, the QIAYA ring light may not make all the difference you need. You may want to use this ring light together with another ring light on your list. If, however, if you are a beginner just testing the waters, the small amount of brightness this ring light provides will likely be enough to make your video seem well-lit!

5. Inkeltech Ring Light – 18 inch


  • Many options for customization 
  • Perfect for use in the outdoors
  • USB plug-in so you don’t have to charge your phone before an outdoor shoot
  • Plenty of color customization options


  • Power button is somewhat close to the brightness adjustment button
  • Top-heavy 
  • Requires batteries

If you want the full-on professional-grade ring light, then the Inkeltech – 18 inch is for you.

The cool thing about the Inkeltech ring light is that it performs well both in indoor and outdoor settings. The ring light can be plugged straight into the wall, but it also works on battery power (SONY batteries only, which are not included). In addition, the Inkeltech comes with a USB cable so you can charge your iPhone or another smart device while you’re filming.

Like all the other upper-end ring lights, the Inkeltech ring light comes with a remote control that allows you to take photos, adjust color, and adjust brightness.

The ring light stand has 360-degree rotationality, making it perfect for outdoor shoots.

Diameter (outer): 18 inches / Color Range: 3000K – 6000K / Compatible with most smartphones / Includes: Ring light, tripod, phone and camera holders, charger plug, bag

Verdict – The Inkeltech is an excellent, professional-grade ring light that is still more affordable than the most expensive ring lights out on the market. Additionally, if you plan to use a ring light outdoors, this is the best option in our view.

In Conclusion

We loved every single one of the ring lights we reviewed in this guide. That said, one ring light far and away outshone the competition in our opinion: the ESDDI 18-inch.

The ESDDI ring light is suited for most vloggers out there. Yes, there are bigger, more advanced ring lights on the market, but this one gives you the most bang for your buck and probably has everything you would ever need as a Youtuber.

Not to mention, the ESDDI is the most sensible purchase on our list: it comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee! If you don’t like it, just send it back within 90 days and try another item on our list. None of the other ring lights have this guarantee, which definitely sets this one apart. 

Now that you have an idea of the best ring lights on the market, go forth with your vision. Choose the ring light that speaks to you – whether or not that be the ESDDI – and begin your journey out into the glorious world of content creation.