How to Name a Podcast – An In-Depth Guide

Naming a Podcast is not an easy feat, but a good name can be a critical factor in determining the overall success of the podcast. 

You might have a list with some great names, only to find that they are all taken. Good podcast names go quickly. This fact should not disempower you, however. With the proper guide, we can help you find the right name for your podcast.

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Tips on How to Name a Podcast

Before you start writing a list of potential podcast names, you should make clear who your audience is and what you want to communicate to them.

What is your Podcast niche?

Before you think of a name, you need to be clear about what the podcast is going to be about. While the name doesn’t have to describe precisely what the content is about, it should reflect the overall tone and feel of your content.

Use a name that is accurate

It is important that your name is honest and reflects what the content is. If your listeners click on your podcast expecting one thing and then getting another, they are very likely to turn it off. 

Should you SEO Optimize a Podcast name?

An SEO optimized podcast name consists of words that are searchable within google. If it is possible to include certain keywords in the podcast name, it can help you rank better and be more discoverable. Make sure the keywords are related to the topic of your podcast. 

A podcast name does not have to be keyword optimized, but it can help make your podcast more discoverable. If you use your own name or have a made-up word in the title, it’s not really possible to include keywords. But if that name sounds good, is available, and communicates something to your audience, you could consider a non-SEO name.


Most podcast names fall in the 15-20 character range. Generally, a shorter length is considered easier for people to remember and, therefore, more memorable.

You should also consider clipping when choosing a name, how the title of your podcast will appear on a podcast app. The longer the title is, the bigger the chance is that some of the title is cut, and you don’t want that.

Make it Unique

Make sure the name is not taken or is too similar to another title as it could create confusion for listeners. Make sure to check in all the standard podcast directories and domain names. This can be quick search on the internet. Don’t settle until you find something with an available .com domain.

What resonates with you?

It is also important to consider what you feel about a potential podcast name. Write a list of your favorite possible names, and then come back to it after a day or to ad read them out loud. Some names will just “feel” more right than others. Go with your gut.

The Three Main Types of Podcast names

Podcast names can be categorized into three main types. They all come with their pros and cons. These are the following:

Personal Names

 You can use your own name when naming your podcast. These names don’t reveal anything about the show’s content. 

The main disadvantage of using your name as the title of your podcast is that nobody is searching for it unless you are famous. This makes your show less discoverable.


  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Tim Ferris Show

Creative Names

 These are names that either don’t mean anything or play on words or puns related to the show’s topic or niche. They also have the issue of not being SEO optimized. But you can still find a name that communicates the tone or content of your podcast to your viewer.


  • Invisibilia
  • Americast
  • Murmurs

Descriptive Names

A name that describes the category or topic of your show. Here you can include keywords to be more discoverable to your audience in that niche. There are many tools online, like Google Keyword Planner that can help you pick keywords with high traffic and low competition. 

If you are going this route, you generally want to be as specific as possible to avoid higher competition.

Because descriptive names are self-evident, they do not leave you with any questions about the subject of the show. The argument for descriptive names is that it clearly communicates to your audience what the content of your podcast.


  • NASA’s Curious Universe
  • Supernatural with Ashley Flowers
  • Crime Junkie

Should I include the word “Podcast” in the name?

Many podcasts include the actual word “podcast” in the title. This might work for some names better than others. 

Remember that you want to avoid long names, and the “podcast” part takes up a larger part in the title. Try to combine it with a smaller word if possible as not to make it too long.

Use Catchy Titles

It might be challenging to define what a catchy name is, but you know a catchy name once you have it. Generally, memorable names are short, easy to spell, and punchy. 

Once you write out a potential name for your podcast, you will be able to see how it looks on paper. Read it out a couple of times and try to test its punchiness.

Combine Words

Combining different words is a great way to create good podcast names. 

Generally, you don’t want your Podcast Title to include more than three words as it makes for longer names that are harder to remember. 

If you combine words, use capitalization to make them clear and easy to read, like MediaEquipt.

What is a good podcast name?

So what is the right podcast name for you? It all comes down to a title that resonates with your audience and communicates what your content is about.

Best Podcasts Name Generators

If you want to help along the way, you could use a name generator to combine and mix different words for you. While not perfect, they can offer you some inspiration and even some great potential podcasting names for your show.



In Conclusion 

A name can be an essential factor in determining the overall success of your podcast. It can help your content be more discoverable and even rank better on search engines. It can also resonate with your listeners and bring new subscribers to the show.

While the right name for your podcast is important, you can always change the name later. Give about a week, but don’t let it take longer, just use the best name you came up with.