How to Get More TikTok Followers

The TikTok phenomenon has taken the world by storm. It’s transformed average folks into internationally recognized virtual superstars overnight and made products from brands featured on the platform sellout. Even legit media and news outlets cover trends on TikTok. But for those starting on the platform, it might seem difficult to get more TikTok Followers and build an audience.

So what do you do? We’ll explore how to get TikTok more followers with 7 proven strategies:

7 Strategies to Get More TikTok Followers

Now that you understand what TikTok is and why it’s unique, how do you recreate that lightning in a bottle effect like Lil Nas X, Charli D’Amelio, or Addison Rae? Here are the crucial steps to build your brand and get TikTok followers.

1. Identify Your Audience

To build your brand, you have to identify who would be interested in what you do and target that crowd directly. The more niche, the better to begin to build a loyal following, then you can branch out as your brand and content grow. 

Are you part of the dance, cosplay, or musical theatre community? Do you have baking or beauty tips that are unlike anything out there? Create content with your target audience in mind. 

Also, be sure to create a stellar bio. Your TikTok bio is the first touchpoint and introduction to your brand. It must be compelling, informative, and memorable. Add a question or call to action to spark intrigue. 

2. Use Hashtags

Once you know your niche and audience, use hashtags to hook them like fishes drawn to a lure. Clever use of hashtags is one of the best ways to cultivate your target audience. The best hashtags to use are a combo platter of general hashtags, hashtags specific to your category, along with business, brand, and trending hashtags.

3. Follow the Leaders: Top Categories

Picking a desirable genre for your content is a crucial step to attracting a solid TikTok following. 

According to statista, the most popular content categories are (in this order) entertainment, dance, pranks/comedy, fitness/sports, home renovations/DIY, and beauty/fashion. Cooking, advice, and pets come next.

Almost anything goes for the short-form videos, except for inappropriate or offensive material. A video of an Idaho man skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” went viral and spawned celebrity impressions and spikes in record sales. 

That is a fluke rarity, so it’s wiser to start with tried and true genres that compliment your particular niche. 

4. Uncover Your Uniqueness

TikTok works because it is a platform for honest self-expression. Successful TikTok stars with the most followers are genuine and offer great content that appeals to the masses yet is specific to them. 

You must discover your unique talent and imbue your personality in everything that you do. Study the success stories and what sets them apart from the rest. Do that, but in your own way.

5. Create Quality and Consistent Content 

Because advancements in technology are now readily available to consumers, there is no excuse for making poor-quality videos. Increase chances of attracting followers with solid, attractive content by:

  • Using good lighting. Invest in a ring light, it’s a simple, inexpensive way to make you look fantastic, and the videos appear more professional.
  • Be educational and entertaining. Similar to YouTube, the best TikTok content offers more than mindless entertainment. If the viewers learn something valuable, they will come back for more. This is especially vital when it involves featured products.

Consistency is critical, but timing is everything. You need to post regularly to keep followers interested and gain new ones. But there are prime times for sharing your content. For optimal exposure, consider this:

  • Post at the right time. While there is no specific golden hour for posting, the rule of thumb is to post when user traffic is the most robust. That generally occurs in the morning (before work), afternoon (after lunchtime), and late at night. Those are the times people are more likely to be scrolling their devices for content.
  • Curb the urge to delete low-performing posts. Not only will that look bad to your followers, but you never know when something could suddenly take off and be trendy.

6. Keep on Top of Trends

Trends catch on like wildfire, so it’s essential to stay on top of them and capitalize on the heat. 

So if something is trending, it doesn’t hurt to participate as long as it suits your style and niche. 

Insider information: brands partner with TikTok to launch campaigns, so when trends appear, they are often curated by the company. Using the trending hashtags and audio, you raise your chances of being promoted on people’s For You Page (FYU). 

Here are other ways to keep up with the trends:

  • Use trending hashtags. Not all popular or trending hashtags are relevant to your TikTok brand, but how can you creatively make them into something that works?
  • Use trending and recommended songs. Music connects people. You may be surprised at how much a video featuring a seemingly irrelevant song can boost followers if done well. 
  • Put your own spin on trends. While it is essential to stay current, it is better to be an innovator than a sheep. Take a trend and make it yours. 

7. Support and Engage with Others

You have to give to receive. If your only goal is to get TikTok followers without any work, you will fall short. Increase your potential by following, supporting, and engaging with other TikTok users you admire. Sharing is caring and another way to end up on more FYPs (For You Pages).

Here are a few ways to boost your presence by supporting others:

  • Cross-promote your videos. Utilize other platforms where you already have a following like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share your TikTok video and lure your loyal following to check out your new social media profile and content. 
  • Develop and partake in TikTok challenges. One of the most exciting features of TikTok is the ability to participate in and create challenges. Ideally, go for the challenges that suit your target demographics. 
  • Do a duet. Duet is a TikTok feature that enables users to interact with and build upon other videos by performing their own version alongside another’s.
  • Try stitch. Stitch is a new feature that allows TikTok users to promote a few seconds of another user’s video on their video. Relevant content is preferred, but it can be surprising and spontaneous. This is an excellent way to cultivate new followers and support other content creators.

In Conclusion

TikTok is a phenomenon that is increasing in global popularity. The video-streaming social networking platform has created amazing success stories seemingly overnight. But gaining that kind of following takes an incredible stroke of good luck or a lot of effort (often both).

If you want to get more TikTok followers, you have to build your brand, identify your audience, discover your uniqueness, follow the masters. Additionally, you’ll need to make quality and consistent content, keep up with the trends, and engage with other creators. 

Just remember, the most important thing is to have fun. That’s what TikTok is about!