12 First Youtube Video Ideas

Shooting your first youtube video can be intimidating. It is also challenging to know what your first video should be. In this list of first youtube video ideas, we have some inspiration for you to get started.

First Youtube Video Ideas

In your first youtube video, you want to introduce yourself and the channel. You want to convey what your content will be about and tell your viewers what to expect from you in the future.

Here are some different first youtube ideas for you who is just starting:

1. Channel Trailer

A channel trailer is designed to draw viewers in and grow your subscriber base. Channel trailers should be short and right to the point. Try to speak directly to your audience; tell them what to expect out of the channel, and what it will be about. Explain as if they know nothing about the channel beforehand. 

You can put your channel trailer on the main page of your youtube profile. This will be the first thing a viewer sees when he visits your channel page, so make it a good one!

2. Personal Introduction

One of the best ways to kick off a Youtube channel is by introducing yourself. Who are you? What made you get into youtube? Have you been on camera before? 

Treat the audience as new potential buddies, trying to get to know each other. Share some relevant information about yourself. This is a great way to make viewers connect with you right from the first couple of videos.

3. Future Plans Video

Do you have a vision for your channel? If so, you can share it in your first video. People are excited by a channel that is going places. Answer questions like; Where will the channel be in one year from now? What kind of content do you plan to produce? What is your channel’s mission?

4. Day in Life

To you, your life can seem pretty mundane, but to others, it can be very entertaining to see somebody’s daily routine. 

In a day-in-life video, you share your day to day life or parts of it. You can add your thoughts on commentary during the video. These types of videos are another way for viewers to get to know you better.

After the Introduction (Some more ideas)

After your first video is done, it is time to start making the primary content for your channel. Here are a few ideas to get you going in the first couple of videos.

5. Review Video

In a review video, you connect your audience with helpful products. Most brands nowadays have affiliate programs, which you can monetize your channel with. It is a very popular video format on youtube, and there are endless niches you could review products in.

6. Reaction Video

Reaction videos are popular on youtube. They are easy to make and can be hilarious watch.  

7. Draw my Life

Maybe you have had an interesting life, or perhaps you have some life lessons you want to share. In either case, a draw-my-life video is an excellent idea for first youtube videos. You can share challenges you’ve overcome or journeys you’ve been on. 

8. House Tour

One of your first videos could be a house tour. Your house can tell a lot about your personality and style. This is a great way to get viewers to know you better.

9. Unboxing

There is something very satisfying about watching someone unbox a brand new product or gadget. You could easily do it in the form of a review, where the viewer is along for the ride as you use the product for the first time.

10. Record a gameplay

Gameplay videos are easy to start with. If you play video games, you can easily start making gameplay videos on Youtube. 

11. DIY videos

Do you like building things yourself at home? If so, you could turn that passion into a successful youtube channel. People love to know how to make stuff at home for a cheap budget.

12. Educational Video

Is there a subject or topic you know a lot about or are very interested in? You could make an informative video. People love learning, and you can make an educational video about almost any topic on Youtube. 

If you have some editing skills, you could use animations, pictures, and stock videos for your video. Or it could just be you talking in front of a camera.

Things to think about for first videos

Don’t overthink it

Many people overthink their first video. You don’t have to commit to anything right from the start. Your content will always evolve with time. If it doesn’t, the channel will someday lose relevance. This means you are free to experiment with different kinds of videos, formulas, and styles. Only by trying a few things will you know what you want to commit to.

Start with what you have

Just start with what you have, if it is only yourself and a camera start with that. You do not need to get expensive gear of software to make a good Youtube video. You can really just get started with your phone. There are endless examples of very successful Youtube videos shot on a smartphone with very little gear.


If your first video is terrible, keep making more of them until you get more comfortable and better. Making youtube videos is a skill, and you only get better at it with practice.

Expect that building this skill will take time. Even though your first videos might not garner many views, they are a great way for you to practice how to be on camera, record, and edit a vlog. 

In Conclusion

We hope you liked our list of First Youtube video ideas.

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If you are still feeling stuck, remember this; Don’t worry too much about what niche or kind of content you want to make. Maybe you want to try many things, or you are stuck choosing between two ideas. Whatever the case might be, just start. You can always change your content later. It is almost impossible to know what you want to do if you have never tried something before. So go out there, make a video or two, and the rest will follow.