8 Essential Tips for Youtubers

In just a matter of years, vlogging has turned into a new form of media garnering millions of views every day. It is only natural, then, that a lot of people are looking to get into vlogging. Youtube, as a platform, still has a lot of growth ahead and many opportunities for creative people.

But starting a successful channel on youtube and standing out from the competition is hard. Luckily, you do not have to reinvent the wheel if you want to start vlogging. Instead, you can learn the tips and tricks veteran YouTubers have used before you.

Below, we have gathered what we think are the most important eight tips for YouTubers who are just starting on their journey. 

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1. Be consistent

If there is one thing you should take with you from this article, it is this; In the online content world, consistency is the key. Regardless if you are doing youtube, blogging, or podcasts, you have to find a strategy and stick with it.

Youtube is a numbers game. The more good quality videos you put out there, the more traction you will get to your channel. Think of it as a formula for quality content + time = views & subscribers

If you are just starting, it will take many videos to start gaining traction. As you put out more content regularly, you will get better at creating videos and your channel will get more watch time.

To be consistent, it is critical that you think long-term and know your limitations. Ask yourself; How many videos could I realistically upload every week? (without sacrificing quality). Make sure to have a clear schedule that works for you and share it with your audience.

There is no way around the fact that to build a successful channel on Youtube, you have to do a lot of work for a long time, seeing little to no results. Getting through this is simply a matter of consistency and perseverance. The good news is that on the other side is endless opportunity.

2. Find Your Voice

You have most likely heard this before in some form. The phrase “Be unique” often comes up in tips for YouTubers. But what does it actually mean to be unique on youtube? 

It helps to think about it like this; How will you stand out from your competition if you don’t offer something different? Why should someone watch your video instead of someone else’s? 

It helps to take some time to think about those questions around your content. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to become successful with vlogging. Creating unique content could simply mean being true to yourself, having your own tone, or combining different topics and ideas.

To get a sense of what will work for you, try different things, and experiment. This is a phase every content creator goes through until they find their voice.

3. Learn Youtube SEO

For most YouTubers, learning SEO skyrocketed their growth on the platform. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is the science behind how to get your videos to show up on recommended or search on Youtube. 

Take the time to learn how to craft catchy titles and descriptions, how to use tags, and how to make your channel more discoverable. 

Most information on Youtube SEO is available for free on the internet. If you have some money to spend, there are also some great courses worth your buck. But it is not a must.

4. Collaborate

One way YouTubers grow their channels is by collaborating with other creators to reach wider audiences. Collaborating with another creator can be beneficial for both parties. 

No matter how big or small, YouTubers collab because they know they are stronger than the sums of their parts. By connecting two isolated audiences through some common ground(often in the same niche), YouTubers are able to gain viewership from each other.

Collaborating with other content creators is primarily the way small YouTubers can grow their channels fast. It simply just works.

Working with other YouTubers is a lot of work as you have to spread the workload, manage time zones, and come up with ideas. Start by finding other people in your niche, watch, and learn about their content before reaching out.

If you are just starting, you need to have enough content on your channel before you reach out for a collab. If you are just starting with little to no content, you won’t have much to show when reaching out, and it will be harder to find someone willing to work with you. Instead, focus on creating some videos first, and then start reaching out to other creators in your niche.

5. Quality over Quantity

While releasing more content gives you an edge on your competitors, bad content will only work against you. If a viewer clicks on your video and thinks it is terrible or the title is misleading, he will most likely click away and won’t return to the channel. This is something YouTubes algorithm will notice too. 

So remember to always prioritize quality over quantity. As mentioned above, find what works for you. How much time do you need between each video to make it as good as it can be? Two videos a week? One video? Or more? Whatever that number is for you, find it and stick with it.

6. Create Longer videos

Longer video means longer watch times for your audience. Watch time is a crucial metric youtube factor in when recommending your videos, and will help your content get recommended more to viewers. Creating longer content is a simple yet effective way to grow your channel.

Only make a video longer if it serves your style and content. Not all channels can or should make a longer video. Do not make your videos longer by including useless information. That will only work against you. Nor do you want overly long intros or outros in your content. Simply include more info, story, or work in each video. Remember, quality over quantity.

7. Listen to Your Audience

It is important to actually take the time and research your audience and topics of your channel. What is your audience searching for? What kind of videos do they like? What is your competition doing? By doing your research, you avoid disconnect between you and the audience. You create content they like, and you enjoy making. 

Make sure to listen to your audience. Use the youtube polling feature to get opinions from your subscribers on what they want to see next. Also, look through your comments and see if you could pick out some helpful tips. It is important to separate useful feedback from hate. Hateful comments are unfortunately inevitable for anyone looking to do youtube. 

Also, the analytics on each video is feedback in itself. You will see if a video did well in terms of views, likes, watch time, or converting viewers to subscribers. By using a combination of tools and listening to your audience, you will be able to grow your channel more effectively.

8. Make Custom Thumbnails

A thumbnail is a preview of a video, it’s a viewer’s first impression of it. By creating your own thumbnail, you have more control over that first impression. Making custom thumbnails for your videos has become the norm among anyone wanting to become a professional Youtuber. 

Most people use online tools like Canva or higher-end software like Adobe Photoshop to create the image. To make a thumbnail stand out, use bold text and strong colors. You can also use facial expressions or a highlight of the video to peak a viewer’s curiosity.

Invest more time into your thumbnails as they can sometimes be the deciding factor for getting a view or not. Make sure to make it a good one. 

In Conclusion

We hope you got something out of these eight tips for YouTubers. To summarize:

The 8 Tips for Youtubers:

  • 1. Be Consistent
  • 2. Find Your Voice
  • 3. Learn Youtube SEO
  • 4. Collaborate
  • 5. Quality over Quantity
  • 6. Make Longer Videos
  • 7. Listen to your Audience
  • 8. Make Custom Thumbnails

If you follow these tried and tested tips from YouTubers and stick with them long enough, you will start seeing results.