Top 10 TikTok Tips

TikTok content can go viral in an instant and is highly interactive. As a platform, TikTok skyrocketed to the top of download charts, knocking out long-time social media giants like YouTube and Facebook.  No wonder then that many are looking for some TikTok tips and tricks to help them stand out as creators.

We have compiled 10 TikTok tips that can help you get the most out of the platform:

  1. Immerse Yourself in the Platform
  2. Find Your Niche
  3. Make a Personalized Profile Page
  4. Connect with the Right Audience
  5. Understand TikTok Algorithms
  1. Be the First
  2. Make Good Videos
  3. Feed Your Fans
  4. Interact with Other Creators
  5. Switch to a Pro Account

Best TikTok Tips

1. Immerse Yourself in the Platform

The best way to learn what works on TikTok is to immerse yourself in the platform. 


Click every button and watch everything. Go outside your normal range of interest to see what other people are doing. Then, explore everything related to your niche.

Try viewing TikTok within the app and with a web browser for added options.

Find Out What’s Popular

If you want to know what TikTok users like best, look up compilations of the best TikToks. Then, research the top TikTop users and see what they’re doing. 

Check out the Creator Portal

TikTok has a Creator Portal that can teach you how to get started, creation essentials, keys for success, content strategies, how to stay safe, and how to make money.

TikTok Creator Portal

2. Find Your Niche

Once you’ve spent some time exploring the app, it’s time to think about your niche. Your specialty can be as unique as bike yodeling and still gain an audience. 

Decide What You Can Do

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re having difficulty deciding what to do:

  • What are my hobbies and passions?
  • What am I known for?
  • What do I know a lot about or know how to do?
  • What would I like to research and know more about?
  • What do I do every day?
  • Who is my target audience and what do they like?

Some TikToks feature reading one sentence from Twilight every day, power washing, or just being a mom. Anything can be interesting to the right audience with the right spin.

Consider What’s Popular

What are the most popular TikTok topics? According to Statista, the most popular content categories in 2020 had the following hashtags:

  • Entertainment – 443.3 billion
  • Dance – 150.3 billion
  • Pranks – 54 billion
  • Fitness and sports – 43.3 billion
  • Home reno and DIY – 28.6 billion
  • Fashion – 17.5 billion
  • Recipes and cooking – 12.9 billion
  • Life hacks and advice – 8.3 billion
  • Pets – 7.5 billion
  • Outdoors – 1.2 billion

3. Make a Personalized Profile Page

Your profile page can be as important as your videos for people to decide to subscribe. 

Use a Profile Pic that Stands Out

If your background relates to your niche, be sure the background isn’t cluttered. Smiling headshots with eye contact get more attention. 

If you have other social media profiles, be sure to use the same picture for all your accounts so that your followers can easily recognize you.

Write an Interesting Bio

Explain who you are, any skills or hobbies you have, and other things relevant to your TikTok. Use line breaks to ensure optimum readability. 

Insert Links to Other Accounts

If you have other relevant social media accounts like Instagram or YouTube or a website, be sure to include links in your bio. 

4. Connect with the Right Audience

This platform is all about connecting with your audience. So we could not bring you the best TikTok tips without mentioning the power of hashtags.  

Use Hashtags

One of the most basic ways for new viewers to find you is to use hashtags. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine what hashtags are best for your content:

  • Who is my audience?
  • Do I want to reach only a target audience, or am I seeking maximum exposure?
  • What do I want my audience to do when they see my TikTok?

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the popularity of hashtags is different depending on the subject (education, food, funny content, etc.). However, the most popular general hashtags are:

  • #explore
  • #follow
  • #followforfollowback
  • #like
  • #love
  • #meme
  • #tiktok
  • #video

You can find relevant hashtags when you browse content within your niche, but be sure to mix popular hashtags with less popular hashtags to climb up the feed faster. Also, follow hashtag trends to stay relevant. 

Developing your own branded hashtag can help your fans find you more easily across social media accounts.

Redirect to TikTok from Other Social Media Accounts

If you have other social media accounts, be sure to promote your TikToks there both in your bio and by sharing your TikTok videos.

5. Understand TikTok Algorithms

TikTok has become more transparent about how their algorithms recommend videos in your “For You feed”. The app recommends videos based on user interests and the subjects in which they’re not interested. 

TikTok considers the following when recommending content: 

  • Liked or shared videos
  • Followed accounts 
  • Comments
  • Created content
  • Captions, song clips, and hashtags from videos with which you’ve interacted
  • Account settings such as language, country, device type

The algorithms first share a video with a small group of people who are more likely to engage with the content. If users watch the entire video, TikTok shows it to more people. If this process happens enough times, your video can go viral. 

6. Be the First

TikTok is 100% about jumping on the trend of the moment. 

Catch Trends While They’re Hot

Being among the first to catch a trend means that you’re more likely to snag viewers before viewers are tired of the trend. 

Use New TikTok Features

Checking for new TikTok features every day in the video section and TikTok News can help get a head start on hot new TikTok trends.

Start a Trend

If you have a great idea or are quick to try new features, this gives you a chance to start a trend.

7. Make Good Videos

When you’re ready to make a video, just tap the plus sign on the bottom of the app screen. 

Make Videos Based on Trending Hashtags

Find out what the most popular TikTok hashtags are for the day, and make a video to match. 

No matter your niche, you can find a creative way to feature a video based on trending hashtags. Look at what others have created to inspire you.

Make a Popular Video Type

Here are some tips on the most popular videos on TikTok:

Use Immersive Music Creative Effects

TikTok is rolling out several Immersive Music Creative Effects that can enhance your storytelling ability. These include:

  • Music visualizer
  • Music machine
  • Delayed beats
  • Text beats
  • Mirror beats

Make Videos with Effects that Stand Out

Use Effects to browse all the different effects available for your video. There are new ones available often, so be sure to check them daily to join in on the trending effects. 

Create a Video Series

Start a labeled series of videos. You can gain new followers who will come back later to see the next in the series.

8. Feed Your Fans

Keep your fans coming back for more. Happy fans bring in more fans. 

Participate in and Create Challenges

TikTok is a world built upon challenges. If you want more followers, find trending challenges and participate. Be creative with finding a way to make it on topic. 

If you create your own challenges, be sure to use your branded hashtag.  

Make Posts Every Day

Once you find what your fans like, replicate your success.

Not only do successful TikTokers post every day, but many post videos 4-8 times per day. The more videos you make, the more users you are likely to reach.

Go Live

TikTok sends notifications when popular TikTokkers are live streaming. Just like Twitch, watchers can gift coins to live TikTokkers. A $1 tip is equal to 100 TikTok coins, which you can convert in part to real cash.

9. Interact with Other TikToks

One of the most entertaining and appealing features of TikTok is how video creators interact with or contribute to videos that other TikTokkers create. 


Duet is a community favorite that allows you to build onto other users’ videos, playing your video alongside the original video. Dueting is a fun way to interact with other TikToks, collaborate with others, and collect new viewers.

Create Stitchable Content

Stitch allows you to clip and add scenes from another TikTok into your own. Stitching allows you to put your own spin on a TikTok and contribute to it. 

Reach Out to Other Creators

Why not reach out to other creators as well? There are many opportunities for collaboration similar to other platforms like YouTube. Not only will it help you build an audience, but you will also get great TikTok tips and insights from them as well.

10. Switch to a Pro Account

A pro account can help you see analytics related to your TikTok account: views, followers, visits to your profile, trending videos, gender, age, traffic sources, etc. 

Learn What Your Followers Like Most

Knowing how your followers found your video and which videos they liked best can help you plan better for future videos.

Learn When to Time Live Broadcasts

If you know what time people usually watch your videos and which countries they’re from, you can time live videos to catch more people awake and at home.  

In Conclusion

TikTok is a social media platform that is constantly changing. These TikTok tips are all about finding followers and staying on top of the latest trends. It’s imperative to immerse yourself in the platform to understand what users want and crave. Experiment until you get it right.