How to Make a Vlog Intro

How you start a video is important. Learn how to make a vlog intro that grabs your audience’s attention from the start.

A proper vlog intro can make your viewers stay longer, build brand recognition, and make your videos feel more professional. In this article, we will show you how to create a vlog intro for a great first impression. 

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Why is the Vlog Intro Important

A vlog intro is a short segment at or near the start of the video. Usually, it is there to give a brief introduction to the vlogger and set the tone for the video.

Vlog intros matter because they are your chance to make a good impression on first-time viewers of your content. By showcasing your channel and personality in a short clip, people can be enticed to subscribe for more.

We recommend creating a custom intro for your videos. With the right tools and guidance, you can make one in a matter of minutes. Below, we outline the key elements of a vlog intro, give you some ideas from top vloggers, and recommend tools you can use.

Elements of a Vlog Intro

1. Message

Start by defining the purpose of your intro. Is it a showcase of your channel, personality, or the video? Is the goal to help the audience relate to your content?

With a clear purpose in mind, you ensure that the intro fits your type of content. Just having a cool intro alone for the heck of it might just feel out of place.

2. Brand Identity

Keep in mind, that brand identity should be consistent across your channel. This means using the same colors, logos, and fonts in your channel banner, profile, and of course in the intros and outros.

A vlog intro can essentially be as simple or complicated as you want. Again, what works best largely depends on your content and audience. 

3. Content

So what do you actually include in a vlog intro? Below are a few suggestions on what can be included:

  • Vlog Title
  • Channel Title
  • Tagline
  • Name
  • Channel highlights
  • Montages
  • Presentation
  • Disclaimers
  • Voiceovers

While it could be nice to include everything, that would be information overload and a bad intro. Instead, you want to select what fits within the context of your channel, tone, and message you want to convey.

4. Music

Music plays a huge role in brand identity and the message of your intro. You can use a specific track or just the background music from each vlog.

Whatever option you go with, consider how music affects things like the mood, theme, and style of your video. Later, we will also show you where to find great music for your vlog intros.

5. Duration

The ideal length of an intro largely depends on your type of content. For example, if your videos are short and straightforward, your intro should be short as well, or else it might disrupt the pacing.

Also consider that while an intro might be super cool when you watch it for the first time, viewers who watch many of your videos back to back might start to get enough of it. Remember that Netflix always has the option to skip intros in series.

Vlog Intro Ideas

Now we covered the basic elements of a vlog intro. Below are some clever intro ideas you might want to incorporate or just use for inspiration.


It may be a cliche, but cliches work. Having a countdown meter in your intro is a classic way to start a video. It works well for most types of videos and topics, and a lot will depend on the style your choose.

Hand Drawing Intro

Hand-drawn videos are becoming more and more common. Having hand-drawn intros can fit some channels very well. It’s a creative way to start a vlog and capture a viewer’s attention.

Radio Host Voice Over

For some intros, you might want a radio host voice to introduce your viewers. These types of intros give a more polished feel and work well for both vlogs and podcasts.

Abstract Style

You might want to go with a more abstract, stylistic intro. This could be anything from a cool montage, to an artistic cover.

Vlog Intro Tools

Let us now dive into the best tools available for creating a cool-looking intro for your vlog. 


For beginners, Canva is a great tool to use for all your channel branding, including intros. Their intro maker is free to use without any annoying watermarks.

Canva does offer a premium upgrade if you want more stock illustrations and design tools, but the free version already has everything you would need for a simple intro.


This should come as no surprise. But iMovie is a simple and effective video editor that works well for intros. It’s the standard video editor that comes with Mac. If you are going to edit your vlogs there anyway, and just one a simple intro, iMovie is a great option for you.


Shotcut is a free, open-source video editor for Windows, macOS, and Linux. While it comes with many advanced features, it can also be a bit difficult to use for beginners.

Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the go-to video editor for vloggers and content creators. While its many features, effects, and 3rd-party plugins make this editor great, it takes some time to learn to get the most out of the software. Premiere is only for vloggers who already know a thing or two about editing.

Additional Resources

Depending on the intro you want to create, you might need music, sound effects, or a voice-over. 

Where to Find Music

Youtube Audio Library – The Youtube Audio Library is a free resource with royalty-free tracks for content creators and vloggers. Quality and genre vary, but this is a great free option for intro music.

AudioJungle – AudioJungle is one of the biggest royalty-free stock music libraries. They offer thousands of tracks, varying greatly in genre, quality, and feel. A track can cost as little as a couple of dollars or hundreds if you want something more exclusive.

Premium Beat – If you need high-quality royalty-free music, Premium Beat might be the option for you. Through their subscription model, you get access to a library of royalty-free tracks made by professionals.

Where to Find Sound Effects 

Freesound – Freesound offers free sound effects for your projects. Quality can vary, but there are some great gems to be found if you do some searching.

AudioJungle – AudioJungle also offers sound effects you can use in your vlog intro. 

Where to Find Voiceovers

Fiverr – Fiverr is one of the largest freelance platforms. They offer affordable voice talent you can use for your intro. Styles and quality can vary a lot, so we recommend doing your research before hiring.

Music Radio Creative – If you want more of that radio host voice feeling, try Music Radio Creative. They offer affordable, quality voiceover talent that can fit your intro perfectly.

In Conclusion

You now know how to create a vlog intro that creates a great first impression for your audience. Remember to keep your intro relevant and short. And don’t be afraid to experiment and put your unique touch into it. There are already enough generic vlog intros with text and some flashing images out there. Make it your own.