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How to Promote Your Podcast

So you are done recording, editing, and creating your podcast from scratch, you have a great idea and think you are on to something. But

How to Make a Podcast Intro & Outro

Every podcast needs a proper intro and outro. A good introduction sets the scene for your listeners and creates anticipation for the episode, while the

How to Get Podcast Guests

Bringing guests on your podcast has many benefits. It is one of the best ways to grow your audience and provide amazing value to your

Top 7 Podcast Hosting Platforms

Starting a podcast is a great idea. And there is still a lot of opportunity for newcomers. Whatever podcast you are thinking of starting, you

Best Podcast Editing Software

Setting up a Podcast can be a bit intimidating. There are different equipment, setups, and words involved. But other than hardware, at the core of

The 10 Best Books on Podcasting

There is a lot of work when starting a podcast; you have to come up with ideas for episodes, get all the equipment right, and

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