How To Stream To Discord With OBS Studio

The days are gone when there were only one or two streaming platforms. Creators now have a large choice of platforms to broadcast their content on. Not only are there obvious choices such as YouTube and Twitch, but there are now forum-based applications such as Discord coming to the forefront of streaming. Knowing how to … Read more

How To Use Your Phone As A Webcam In OBS Studio

As mobile devices continue to improve, so do their cameras. In many cases, it’s much cheaper nowadays to purchase a mobile phone with a high-end camera than a DLSR. The image results are brilliant and perfect for casual and even professional users. The question for streamers then is how to use your phone as a … Read more

How To Enable NVENC On OBS Studio

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What Are Gifted Subs On Twitch?

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How To Use OBS Studio With Zoom

As of a recent update, OBS is now simple to set up with Zoom. You can use all of your scenes, overlays, and widgets as a video source for the popular conference meetings software. Knowing how to use OBS Studio with Zoom will help you improve the professionalism of your meetings. In this article, we’ll … Read more

How to Add a Sub Badge on Twitch

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Fix Hotkeys Not Working In OBS Studio

Hotkeys are an incredibly useful tool in OBS Studio. They allow creators to quickly trigger events and effects at the click of a button, saving time and effort. Unfortunately, hotkeys can sometimes be unresponsive, but there are a few things you can do to make sure they work as usual. Here are our top 5 … Read more

OBS Failed To Authenticate With Twitch: How to Fix

When using OBS Studio with Twitch, connecting your account is important. When that happens, Twitch will attempt to do a security check to make sure you are who you say you are. Sometimes, this process goes wrong, and you won’t be able to launch your live stream on the platform. The “Failed to authenticate with … Read more

Fix Game Capture Not Working In OBS Studio

When your game capture isn’t working, it can mean entire streams are canceled and ruined. It’s best to get on top of these issues as quickly as possible. So how do you fix game capture not working in OBS Studio? Using OBS Studio to stream and record games is the ideal choice for creators. It’s … Read more